What is the Van Wijk Necktie Knot?

Features: Not symmetrical, somewhat difficult to tie, uses a lot of fabric, and works well with brighter colors so the knot gets accented.

Van Wijk Necktie Knot

Van Wijk Necktie Knot

Want to sport a knot that was created by an actual artist? Lisa Van Wijk created this knot to invent the tallest knot possible. The Van Wijk knot is essentially a variation from the Prince Albert knot, except for the third loop around the base. The slender knot creates an unique layered cylindrical effect. Although it is visually striking, it does not do too much to distract so it can be worn even in more formal settings. If you’re getting tired of the common “V” knots, the Van Wijk might breathe fresh air into your tie arsenal.

Due to its slanted cylindrical effect, the knot is asymmetrical. The cylinders create a multilayered appearance that looks irregular, yet creates a striking look. Anyone who wears such a knot may seem to score more points in the adventurous and daring category. To attract attention (and perhaps, get noticed by the darling from across the room), make sure to wear a solid, bright tie.

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We suggest wearing the Van Wijk knot in less formal occasions. If you are itching to try something different in a more formal occasion, you can make the knot tighter. That way it will bode well as long as you’ve given your entire outfit some thought. This knot works best for thinner men, and wearing a vest might help accentuate the knot. So what are you waiting for? Try this knot out now!

How to tie the Van Wijk Necktie Knot:

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