Tips on Staying Cool When You Wear a Business Suit this Summer

Stay cool

Business suits have been the dress of choice for the executive in the corporate world for a very long time now. Not only do they make you appear professional but they also accentuate our features making us feel good about ourselves. Suits were originally designed to get rid of the decorative dresses of the English court, these have not just achieved this aim but they’re also very popular and add an elegant line. The problem arises when one has to compromise between a dapper look and surviving in the heat of the summer.

There are ways in which you can maintain your elegant look while wearing a business suit in summer and still be comfortable. Let us share some of the tips which can help you in this.

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The fabric of your suit is greatly going to affect the level of comfort you feel in your business suit during summer. It is a great idea to use lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton and some modern synthetic fibers designed specifically for summers. These fabrics are highly breathable and look very good too.

Another thing which greatly affects the feel and effect of your business suit on your body in summer is the color of your suit. Light colors are a good option to wear during the daytime. Although, the traditional colors like navy blue, black etc. usually form the bulk of a gentleman’s collection but they’re not the colors most suited to the summer heat as they absorb heat from the surrounding. You can make your wardrobe more colorful in the summer and introduce great variety by using colors like light gray, khakis and others.

There are workplaces where people let go of their ties in summers but there are others where the senior management often insists on a dress code and ties are a part of this code. Wearing the tie should be avoided till the last moment and if you have to cover some distance to reach your office then you should only wear it when you’ve reached the office.

Cool Down
This is something which a large number of gentlemen have tried throughout the history of with great results. The trick is very simple, one just has to give a cooling period to his body after taking a shower. A gap of just 10 minutes between taking a shower and wearing clothes can do wonders and keep you cool for the entire day.

The trend of going sockless in summer has been gaining traction for some time. Even though some traditionalists don’t approve of this but it has been becoming increasingly acceptable and it is a great way of fighting heat during the summers.

Our body generates heat during the process of digestion and if we’re wearing a jacket then this temperature can rise considerably. It is better to avoid high-calorie foods as the body has to do extra work to digest it and if you have to heat then you should always take your jacket off.
There are other ways of staying cool in the summer too, one often learn with trial and error. After some practice, you’ll know the things which work for you and which don’t.

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