The Written History of the Windsor Knot

Duke of Windsor sporting the Windsor Knot

Duke of Windsor

The Windsor Knot was a knot sported by the Duke of Windsor and his Grandfather King Edward VII. You could say the Duke of Windsor was considered a very polarizing figure and could influence the citizens from across the pond. During his visits to the United States, he often wore his neckties with a triangular knot at the top. His style quickly spread throughout the United States, as the look was considered more casual and relaxed. More than seventy years later, it’s still one of the most popular variation of how men sport their neckties.

Even though it was made popular by King George VII, the Duke of Windsor was the one who popularized it. What makes the knot popular today? It produces an even wide symmetrical triangular knot. It creates a wider knot even with ties created with normal thickness cloth.

This knot is also very comfortable to wear, as the knot is very stable and well-balanced. Its large knot also helps keep the throat warm when being exposed to colder weather. It also helps distract attention from the wearer’s face, so it complements people with much facial hair.

What’s the difference between the Windsor knot and the Half-Windsor knot? The Windsor Knot is typically used on a larger man with nice thick ties, while the Half-Windsor knot is made for sleek, tall, fit man with sleeker fabric. So if you are wearing a shirt collar that is choking you at the top, a nice Windsor knot helps cover that area. Remember, if you choose to wear the Windsor Knot, try and use a tie with longer material.

The Windsor Knot helps emphasize a classic look for males that sport it to gain the confidence in any situation.

Don’t know how to tie the Windsor Knot? The instructions for tying a Windsor knot are shown in the following YouTube video by Howcast below.

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