Summers, Shorts, And Men; All You Need To Know About This Lethal Combo

Men's Shorts

There was a time when shorts were linked to kids and toddlers but not anymore. After WWII, when they were introduced in the military it was only them then men began to relate them to manliness. Other than that, their light fabric, loose fitting, and comfortable feel make them ideal for all sorts of casual parties. Although the apparel is making its way to the mainstream fashion scene, but to carry it off perfectly, there are certain rules which you need to follow.

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Length is important
The usual length of the shorts is anywhere between 1 to 3 inches above your knees. If you are tall then the ideal length is an inch above the knees while the short guys can risk going 3 and even 4 inches above their knees. However, if you have the legs for it and think that you can pull them off with confidence then who are we to stop you. However, if you think you lack the body and the confidence for it then try to stay within the safe range.

Pay attention to their fit
Shorts add bulk to the upper parts of your legs. If the transition between the upper portion and that where they hang loosely around your legs is not smooth, you might end up looking pompous and weird. If you have a hard time deciding, then go for a straight tapered cut since it works well with all body types.

Decide if you want to fold or not
You might have come across men who like to fold the hem of their shorts while the rest just like to leave them the way they are. It is all a preference of choice. Usually, the ones with thinner legs like to have the hems folded to add volume to their otherwise skinny legs. However, men with short heights are advised against the folding since it would draw attention to their heights.

Socks are a big no
Socks with shorts is a fashion crime. It makes you look outdated and boring. To maintain a retro look, it is important that you leave your socks at home when you wear shorts.

Pair up the shirts accordingly
It is all about the look you think you can rock off more comfortably. If you think that you can pull off the summery vibes a polo or a short-sleeved button-up shirt would give when paired with the shorts, then, by all means, go for it. We have even come across men who have pulled off a full-sleeved shirt just as comfortably with the summery feel of the shorts as they have a plain old t-shirt.

Shorts are about making you feel comfortable while giving you a stylish look. If you want to enjoy a day out at the beach or want to go out on a hot summer day then put on a pair of shorts and create your own style while keeping in minds the few rules we laid out for the attire.

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