Sports Jacket vs. Blazer vs. Suit Jacket – What’s the difference?


Men use most of these terms, blazers, suit jackets and sports jackets, interchangeably, as do most of the men’s clothing retailers. These three clothing products end up being a confusion for many men and the classic menswear pieces end up being a mystery. You’re probably wondering about the actual difference among these three items. Most men don’t even bother about the difference issue and end up buying the wrong item for the wrong time. Learning the difference would help you in getting the right jacket that can stand the test of time. Every one of these jackets have their own individuality and formality. Each jacket is unique for its own field and therefore, this factor makes them iconic. The following are the features of these three types of jackets:

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The Suit Jacket:
The suit jacket is the most elegant one among these three. It is a jacket which is made with a matching pair of trousers, which is made from the exact same fabric. This is because it is important for the jacket to match the trousers at all costs. One cannot wear the suit jacket as a sports jacket because if the jacket or the trouser gets washed separately, it would create a slight difference among the two items. These are the most formal type of jackets and are made to fit slim.

The Blazer jacket:
The single-breasted blazer jacket initially had only two buttons to allow moving around without restriction. It is a step lower than the suit jackets. It somehow comes in the middle because it is more formal than a sports jacket but less formal than a suit jacket. A blazer jacket is not made with a pair of matching trousers. They have loose fitting compared to the suit jackets and they are not as structured as the shoulder of a suit jacket. You can wear a blazer any time when you feel that wearing a suit jacket would overdo your look, especially on the weekends.

The Sports Jacket:
The name clearly defines the function of a sports jacket. A sports jacket gives you the benefit of a large variety of colors and patterns. It is a versatile jacket which can be worn with jeans or many other types of trousers. The design has patches which protects the elbows from wearing out. The loose fitting of the sports jacket allows the individual to wear a sweater, or any other layering, underneath it. The sports jackets are mostly found in the shades of brown, blue, gray and green. It is meant to function as a sporting attire for men. A sports jacket is more useful than a blazer, as it can be worn around a number of casual dressed occasions.
Most of the jackets look great with khakis or denim, as long as the color combination form a contrast.

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