Men of Hollywood and Their Ties

The Original Ocean's Eleven.

The Original Ocean’s Eleven. The Ratpack.

The dashing men of Hollywood and the variety of ties that we get to see on them

In the past two centuries, there have been a lot of changes in fashion and trends and people are embracing these challenges at a rapid pace. It’s great to follow a trend as long as you don’t forget the basics.

We usually look up to our favorite actors and character to follow when it comes to style and fashion. This award season, you can see your favorite actors in their best suits and tuxedos. One thing that they will all be wearing to complete their look are neck ties. A man’s formal outfit is incomplete without a necktie or a bow tie. The necktie or a bow tie gives these male celebrities a chic and formal look while adding a splash of color to their dark colored suits.

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Ties and Bow Ties

Necktie is still an integral part of men’s fashion industry. Even though we have seen the necktie change over the years on the red carpet, it has been worn for every formal event in Hollywood. The changing styles of ties might have something to do with the changing times in Hollywood as trends in movies and characters change, so do neckties.

The Last Century and its Important Ties

Most of you have watched the Great Gatsby and if you paid close attention, you would have seen that ties were an integral part of a man’s look. They wore broad shouldered coats, lean cut pants, and great big overcoats, all in the same color. Over that huge mountain of dark or tan colored suit was a necktie or a bow tie, adding a little splash of color.

Back in those days, a necktie was an indication of what kind of man you were. If you were someone rich and important, you will be wearing a silk tie in some really rich color like blue or red. If you were someone not so important, you should be happy with a faux-silk tie or a cotton tie. The best tie wearer from those times that we still remember today is Charlie Chaplin. On the black and white screen, Chaplin’s black tie still serves as an icon to many styles and trends. Who could forget the Chicago’s legend Louis Armstrong and his boisterous personality and ties to match? Louis’ ties were as colorful and eccentric as his personality and his soulful trumpet playing. There was rarely an actor back then whom you would see without a tie or a bow-tie.

As time passed and foreigners came to the Land of Opportunity, the trends in tie wearing also changed. The style of the suits men wore changed and the tie’s size reduced a little to fit right under the shortened length of the jacket. Then came the war and the Mafia. Now they might be criminals but they were stylish criminals and they brought the striped ties fashion with them. Striped ties became the red carpet trend as well as it is rumored that Hollywood actors had ties with the Mafia. Those were the time when girls swooned over the eclectic style of Frank Sinatra and Mr. Sinatra always performed with a tie on.

Then James Bond revolutionized the world of ties and actors started to wear ties that blended with their outfits. Bow ties were made a customary formal dressing accessory. The tuxedo became the ‘it factor’ in Hollywood and there was no one better to carry off that bow tie that Sir Sean Connery. Sir Sean Connery is the most famous actor to play Bond and his iconic style defined men’s clothing and their need to wear ties as well.

Skinny Ties

By the time we stepped into the 21st century, the trend of being skinny also came in demand and ties went skinny as well. Skinny ties went universal. Everyone is wearing them from kids to teenager to adults. We have seen the ties thinning down on the red carpet as well. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne; all of these actors and more, wore skinny ties when they came to receive their awards on stage. Skinny ties are in vogue but as style revolutionizes we will look to the carpet once more to see what new trends come in the world of neckties.

Ties are a big factor when it comes to making style statement. A tie adds to the class of an outfit. If you like to dress to impress, load up on a variety of ties today!

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