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The Winter Coat Buying Guide For Men: Get The Right Coat for You

We all know the chilly feeling of the winter season, hence called the sweater weather. But as the fashion agenda encompassed our society, sleek and stylish coats and jackets are the ultimate winners. Clothing has been revolutionized, but for men, their style statement remains incomplete without coats.

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Looks Matter But Keeping Warm Matters More

One has to look good, that’s undeniable. Looking for a coat, that suits your style, looks perfect on you, is hard. Select a coat according to your local weather conditions. A Canadian may not find a light weight coat usable even if it looks pretty versatile. In the same way, British winters are not so much fierce, and a heavy, furry coat may seem ridiculous even if you love to buy it.

How Long Do You Want To Keep Your Coat

Let’s just admit, what we all seek is durability and affordability when it comes to buying a winter wear. It is crucial to buy a coat that could be your partner for …. Say maybe four years at least.

The places to look at are the stitching, the lining and the cloth. It must be stitched in a fine way and the lining should be water proof. You’re going to wear the coat every day in the coming winters; it needs to be the real savior.

Quality Is Always The Right Choice

Although it may seems impracticable, but spending on a good quality coat is the right choice. Buy a low priced coat and it won’t even last a year, you would certainly regret it. A little high price is worth the pain, if the product is going to go a long way.

Which Color Should You Select

When buying a coat, it should be kept in mind that it needs to go well at all places and with all your clothes. A dark colored coat always gives you a fancy and charming look. Navy blue, dark grey and black coats are the inescapable charmers. No one ever looked outdated in darker shades.

Pea Coats

Different styles come and go but pea coats, traditional and trendy, never get old. French designer Saint Laurent experimented very well with the pea coats, and created impeccable designs. Banana Republic heritage and J. Crew Dock Pea coats are unique and authentic.

Trench Coats

Trench coats have always been popular. They are light and airy, mud and water absorbent, and a large size has enough room for all the knitwear in case the weather is chilly. Trench coats are usually the most favorite as we see many characters on the screen wearing cool and stylish trench coats. London Fog trench coat is pretty famous this winter season.

Long Coats

Long coats actually last long and are never out of fashion. Whovians would never get over with David Tennant’s coat, and how can we forget Keanu Reeves coat in the matrix. Long or over coats can work really well, whether you’re going for a walk at night or you’re going to work in the morning.

These tips will surely help you all in choosing the right kind of coat.

Skinny Neckties – Should I Wear them?

Skinny Neckties

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Skinny ties first became popular in the 1920s amidst a post-war climate that encouraged cost-cutting. It then made a comeback in the 1950’s, through pop icons like the Beatles and the Rat Pack – a style designed to complement fitted and tailored clothes of the time. However, in the 1970s, Elvis Presley sported thick ties making that design more stylish and the skinny ties were no longer the sought after fashion of the time. In the 1980s, skinny ties partially made an appearance, but, it wasn’t until recently that the skinny tie really made its mark in the fashion world. Moreover, Christian Dior launched the “New Look” – of “a narrow silhouette” – for gentlemen, bringing the slim, somber “conservative” ties back into fashion.

The general consensus is that skinny ties look best on men that have a tall and thin built (If Chris Pratt or Tom Hardy – in his Bane days- were to wear it, their built would over power the look).

The retro look of narrow neckties is a sought after look by young and fashion oriented men. This group of men wears the skinny tie combined with jeans, and a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and an open top collar. A skinny tie can be paired with slim suits that are perfectly tailored to the thinner frame. These ties are gaining popularity amongst celebrities and a look at the fashion and entertainment industry will show how the skinny tie is the rage. From red carpet events, to photo shoots or even after parties, celebrities and fashionistas can be spotted wearing the skinny tie. Even among musicians, skinny ties are popular and are regularly incorporated into their attire. Skinny ties aren’t restricted to a certain genre of music. Bands such as “My Chemical Romance” as well as pop music stars like Justin Timberlake, all support the skinny tie – it is everywhere.

Thanks to the various industries, the skinny tie is now a part of the ever growing diverse fashion.

Skinny ties are not just restricted to men’s fashion. Popular fashion designers have started to incorporate skinny ties into women’s fashion providing the image of a new modern woman. Women’s collection all over the world now feature skinny ties, although the length is slightly shorter than that of men and the colors are even more brighter and better.

However, it is probably safe and acceptable to wear a skinny tie to a work place if one works in a relaxed, creative environment. For businesses such as investment banks or law firms, the skinny neck tie is unsuited and will probably be frowned upon and seen as irresponsible and non-serious.

For a more generic black-tie event, stay away from the skinny tie and opt instead for a tuxedo and white pocket square. Follow the celebrities and the elite of fashion and choose solid black neckties made from fine silk.