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5 Great Ways for Men to Tie Their Scarves

Winter is here. And if you’re currently living in the United States, you’re probably feeling the arctic blast of low temperatures. You’re not worried though, as you have your trusty coat, fuzzy hat, thick gloves and a wool scarf to help keep you from freezing over. Because let’s face it, cold weather isn’t going to stop you from having a good time. Be sure to wear your scarf correctly though, because when it is worn right, it becomes more than just another piece of apparel that keeps you warm. A scarf will add a touch of finesse to your style. In this article, I will introduce some ways to tie a scarf which will make you look suave and truly a Spiffster.

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The Smooth Urban Style

If you want to look stylish, but don’t like to waste much time; this one’s for you. Overlap the scarf into equal parts, the long way, and wrap it around your neck; at that point, pull the loose ends through the ring that was made by the overlay.

The Casual Style

This style looks great on casual clothing. If you are out for a casual event or going to a nightclub; this will be a great to wear it. Wear the scarf around your neck, with the left side of the scarf coming down to your chest, while the other side runs down to your waist. Now take that long side of the scarf and pull it around your neck from the left side, so that both sides fall equal on your chest.

The Gentleman’s Cross

If you’re wearing a coat or a jacket, this might be the perfect way to wear it. Wear the scarf around your neck and tuck it inside the coat or a jacket. You can also wear it around the neck without tucking it in and it still would look great. Make sure both sides are level.

The Fashion Aficionado

If you are wearing a casual jacket, this style is a great option. Wear the scarf around your neck, and make it level on both sides. Pull the right side across and behind the left side to make a knot. When you pull the scarf down from the right side, the knot will tighten and the scarf will come in to a smooth shape. You can also tuck in the fall of the scarf inside the jacket.

Mr. International

If you are looking for a look which will make you appear fashionable anywhere in the world, this one’s for you. Again, wear the scarf around your neck, so that it is level on both sides. Now take the right side and pull it over the left shoulder.

The History and All We Know About the Paisley Pattern

The history of the paisley pattern dates back to centuries ago in ancient Babylon, or present Iraq, in 1700 BCE. Scholars have also argued the pattern originated from the city of Yazd in Iran, where a traditional fabric called a “Termeh” included patterns of what was then known as “Boteh.” The pattern resembles a host of things among them, a lotus, a mango, a leech, the yin yang symbol, even a dragon! In ancient Babylon, the paisley pattern was said to resemble an uncurled date palm, a flowering plant species in the palm family, Arecaceae, which was highly cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. The plant was a source of life’s basic necessities and produced food, wine, paper, and even shelter! Ancient Babylonians viewed the date palm as a symbol of prosperity, and thus the paisley pattern sprung into life as a result.

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Role of Kashmiri in paisley design

The Kashmiri, natives of the Kashmiri region in the Indian-Pakistani border also played a huge role in the popularization of paisley patterns. The Kashmiri practice of khil’at, “robes of honor” embraced the use of shawls which were decorated in all sorts of patterns predominantly of paisley design. The shawls were exchanged in political and religious ceremonies. A person in power would give the shawl to his or her inferiors as a show of luxurious compensation.

Current trend in paisley design

The use of paisley in fashion and design is still widely embraced to date. Current trends reveal an increased popularity and preference for the design in men’s fashion. Neckties, bow ties, shirts, t-shirts, pants, and coats are just but some of men’s clothing that are being designed with paisley patterns. The rich history of the patterns and their association with prosperity and plenty is said to be one of the reasons why men prefer to be in outfits with a touch of paisley. It’s classy and traditional. Perfect for any office environment.
Paisley is no doubt a major factor in fashion and design, and it could be argued that it is one of the greatest things that ever happened to the fashion industry.

Chris Pine Is Leading the Way in Fashion and Hollywood

In Hollywood where competition is cutthroat, American actor Chris Pine’s stock has been steadily rising and his star has been shining more and more brightly. As Pine has undeniably become one of Hollywood’s premiere leading men, it’s not only his many silver-screen portrayals that have been turning heads and receiving positive feedback.

Last October, GQ identified Pine as a true fashion icon naming him the International Man of The Year. As he is the brand ambassador of Armani, Pine has consistently put forward wardrobe ensembles that many men can take their style cues from.

One of the many trademark elegant looks of his includes rocking bowties. While you may be thinking that this kind of traditional necktie may only fit a certain individual, Spiffster offers a retort, emphasizing that wearing a bowtie can set you apart and instantly inject confidence into any formal look. For Pine’s appearance at the recent Golden Globe Awards, USA Today highlights and applauded his choice of a classic black bowtie for the esteemed event.

Pine certainly seems to have also significantly spearheaded the bowtie resurgence. Esquire explains that men should follow Pine’s lead as it seems wearing wide neckties are making a comeback. Not sure about the difference between a thick and thin necktie? Here’s a quick fashion tip: sticking to a width that’s between 2.75 and 3.15 inches is the wide-necktie standard you should go for.

The 37-year-old actor has definitely forged his own indelible imprint in the fashion scene—the same way he did for one of pop culture’s most iconic characters: Captain James Kirk. While the role will always be closely associated William Shatner’s original portrayal, Pine took the role and made it his own in the Star Trek reboot film series between 2009 to 2016. Many new fans of the show have grown up with his version of the character. Star Trek is one of the most enduring franchises and it took someone with the star power of Pine to lead the rebooted series. This year the sci-fi classic has once again been revisited on the small screen through Star Trek: Discovery.

Beyond the television and film landscape, the Star Trek influence has also boldly gone to the gaming industry. Star Trek Bridge Crew was released this year, which allowed players to sit in the captain’s chair and command their own ship using VR technology. It is the closest experience fans of Star Trek can get to being Captain Kirk. The Star Trek franchise has expanded to many digital avenues to cater to its global audience. Slots title Star Trek: Red Alert from games platform Slingo, uses iconic imagery from the original series that allows fans to interact with the Space-Western universe in a different form. Like the Chris Pine Star Trek films, the game takes elements from the original series and updates it for a modern audience.

Needless to say, Pine is the face of the modern Star Trek multimedia and his embodiment is something that fans will follow for many years to come. Moreover, Pine is redefining how a modern man should carry himself, even when it means going for a classic look. While many may claim the bowtie to be out-dated, remember that they said the same thing about Star Trek, and with Pine leading the way, the franchise came back bigger and more popular than ever.

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Bow ties for Men: Our arguments for why men should wear bow ties

“Whenever I wear one, women smile,” as stated by Cooper Ray, founder of Social Primer.

The bow tie has been a fashion statement for years, despite being unpopular among some people. They think it is a difficult cravat to pull off that is yet to be well accepted in the fashion industry. However, bow ties have descended from a neckwear style worn by Croatian mercenaries for various reasons: it was meant to keep the collars of men’s shirts fastened and closed together – it played a bigger role as a short scarf than an accessory. The bow tie commonly seen today was innovated by French fashionistas seeking a new, unique way to tie a short neck scarf. The invention was much embraced in the fashion industry and has trended since. Why then should men wear bow ties?

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The bow tie is trending

Bow ties are quickly creeping back to the top of men’s fashion segment. It is becoming a necessity in every man’s tie collection. If you do not believe it, check out the sudden uptick in sales of bow ties that came about after the release of the series “Doctor Who” and each James Bond film. Keep up with the trend that has led actors like Ryan Gosling to wear the bow tie to red carpet events.

Elegance and Confidence

The bow tie reflects back to a time when men were considered well-dressed. In the era when bow ties were popular, men were attentive towards the accepted norms for appropriate clothing and their importance to occasions. Today, these rules rarely apply or are adhered to. Stand out and pair your suit with a bow tie and bring back elegance. By the way, how often do you see men wearing a bow tie? Not too often. Therefore, it does take a lot of confidence for a man to wear a bow tie. You’ll be bolder than that Taco Bell Fire sauce.


It is about time that you juggled up your wardrobe. Alternate between regular neck ties and bow ties from time to time. If you put on your bow tie with the right outfit, you will be outstanding and memorable from this sign of confidence and elegance.

Pull off patterns

Bow ties come in a variety of patterns that can barely be pulled off on neck ties. Therefore, if you are attending a cocktail party, you have different patterns to try out without looking tacky. As long as it’s not a shiny glitter tie, your design will probably be acceptable at a social event. Yellow dogs, dolphins, and smiley faces sometimes will work depending on how casual the event is. The bow tie is extremely flexible. So go get some, man.

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Enjoy the outdoors before it’s too late!

We know summer’s almost over, but we don’t want it to end! So we’re coming up with a few inexpensive ways to enjoy the outdoors with a date. Because when the weather is nice out, it’s not about spending lots of money or taking your date out shopping on Rodeo Drive or dining out at Chez de [insert something French here]. It’s about spending quality time in the beauty that is the outdoors. The window of opportunity is still open for you (depending on where you live) so plan a date outdoors today!

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Time out in the Park

The ideal thing to do is to look for parks that are a bit of a stretch from your home (perhaps up to a 45-minute drive). The drive time doubles the fun as long as you have light music playing in the car. With the parks, the possibilities of date ideas are immense. Enjoy the hiking trailers and scenic adventures, then take out your smartphone and boot up Yelp! to find a local hot restaurant nearby. It shouldn’t disappoint!

Drive-in Cinemas

Watching a movie with your partner can prove to be an entertaining experience but if you talk about romance, drive-in theaters provide a more, how do we say, seductive environment. You can sit in your car holding the hand of your partner and enjoy the movie along with the company of someone very special to you. Caution: if you are conscious of the public, this option may not be suitable for you. If you’re the type of couple that loathes PDA, then bring a grill and just chill out. That way you’ll get a delicious dinner as well.

Check out the county or state fair

Local fairs tend to sprout up during this time of the year. For example, the Minnesota State Fair is one of the biggest in the United States. Open till labor day, they have the most interesting foods on a stick ever. Well, they are known to concoct tens of new food dishes every year. But you can still enjoy a fun night even if it isn’t a humongous event. Enjoy the calories, walk around, take a few thrilling rides and win your date that stuff animal bear.

Adventure Spots

What can be more exciting than going on an adventure with your partner? You can go at some adventure spot like a national park where you can hike to a picturesque spot or historical point of interest. Or hit up the state’s biggest waterpark. Before making a plan, consult about the difficulty and get their consent so that the plan does not get spoiled. Use apps such as Yelp! and Trip Advisor so you’ll know where to go.

Visit Some Charitable Institution

Plan a visit to some charitable institution. You might think it as unproductive, but it will bring your partner closer to you. You will share happiness with others along with winning the love of them as well as your partner’s.