Create a killer combo for yourself

Create a killer combo for yourself

Some of the best weapons in a gentleman’s wardrobe are his collection of ties. However, like any weapon not handled correctly, neckties also have the potential to destroy a man by ruining his image and we all know how important images are, after all ‘first impression is the last impression’ isn’t said for nothing. Even though no one admits it but a large majority of us has difficulties in matching the suit and necktie pairs. Often we take the easier route and select a random tie with our expensive suits which, instead of helping us, totally ruins the impact we had planned to make.

The Basic One

There are many variants of shirts and neckties but the simplest of both of these will be ones which have no patterns or, in other words, a solid shirt and a solid tie. This is the safest combination you can ever have. The basic rule of thumb is to always pair a dark colored tie with a less dark colored shirt. Never wear a dark shirt with a light necktie. To improve this plain look, people often use contrasting colors which are a time-tested way of doing it but one other way to do it is to use a different shade of the same color, for example, you can pair a light blue shirt with a dark tie. This gives a very classy effect.

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Advanced Matchmaking

Going one step further, we land in the territory of mixed combinations. In mixed combinations, either the shirt has a pattern and the tie is solid or the tie has a pattern and the shirt is solid. A simple rule applies to both types of combinations. For a shirt with the pattern, you can select any color from the pattern of the shirt (as long as it is darker than the overall look of the shirt) for your tie. The same principle applies to the reverse combination, you can pick any color from the pattern of your tie.

The Ultimate Look

One to the trickiest looks to pull off is wearing a pattern on a pattern but this is what separates the novices from the masters. Although this look may need some practice to achieve perfection but the rewards are very satisfying. There are some simple things you need to keep in mind before you decide to wear a pattern on a pattern.

The basic thing to take care is that the patterns on your shirt shouldn’t match the pattern of your ties, for example, you wouldn’t pair polka dots with dots on your shirt too.

The next thing to keep in mind is to vary the size of patterns between your shirt and tie. Generally, the patterns on your tie should be bolder and larger than the ones on your shirt.

Lastly, it looks very sleek if you match the color of patterns in your tie with the major color in your shirt.

These are the basic tips which can help you in matching your neckties with suits, it is assumed that your jacket is darker than your shirt. These tips may not help you win that lucrative deal but they’ll definitely empower you to have the confidence to try and give your best shot.