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The Origins and All We Know About the Trinity Knot

A relatively recent innovation, the Trinity Knot has a flashy, trefoil-shaped knot that is guaranteed to bring you some attention. This beautiful knot is a three-way symmetry and resembles the Celtic Triquetra. The Celtic Triquetra symbol is used as a religious symbol adapted from ancient Celtic images, and is also similar to Odin’s symbol, the valknut.

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But there are also many other meanings of the Trinity Knot, and most of them have to do with love and romance. Here they are:

  • It is a unique symbol of Ireland’s ancient culture.
  • The endless intertwining curves represent eternal love.
  • The Trinity knot can even be used to outline the stages of a woman’s life; youth, motherhood and old age.
  • It is sometimes called the Irish Love knot.

But enough about history, let’s talk about fashion. Imagine yourself at a cocktail party. Showing up with a Trinity Knot will definitely get you the attention you deserve from the ladies. After all, the Trinity Knot is also known as the Irish Love Knot. However, don’t wear this tie knot to business meetings, as the Trinity Knot is used for more social and informal occasions. Bringing this knot to a board meeting will make you appear as a showoff.

Because you use the small end to start tying the knot, it is one of the most difficult ties to master. Also, pick a tie that does not have too much thickness, due to the knot being on the bulkier side of the knot-thickness spectrum.

The best patterns for this knot include solids, stripes, and smaller patterns. Once you master this knot, try creating a pinwheel effect by getting the stripes to converge at the center. However, if there is a noticeable diagonal taper to the sides of the tie down near the narrow end, the threefolds will not converge towards the center and the effect will be ruined.

If you would like to tighten the knot, you can accomplish this by holding the knot in one hand and pulling down slowly on the wider end. Use caution though, and adjust the folds of the knot as you go. You don’t want to distort the shape of the knot.

Check out the image below on how to tie the Trinity Knot below and look spiffy, fellow Spiffsters!

Spring Fashion Guide for Men

It is finally the time of year when you can get rid of the long overcoats, jackets, and mufflers and showcase your fashion sense to the world. Spring is the time when you can experiment the most with the fashion and make a style statement. Read on to know a simple fashion guide for men through which they can dress up to the best and add attraction to their personality.

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Color Selection

If you are confused about the colors to pick this spring, go for neutral colors. However, you should always select the colors that go with your skin tone. You can also opt for multi-color striped shirts or sweaters and pair it up with blue denim for making a style statement. It will give you a modern yet classy look. A color that can never go wrong be it anytime or season is the white color. Either you are going for a formal meeting or a casual get together with friends, white color can exude class, elegance, and style at the same time.

Floral Pattern

Floral pattern and prints never go out of fashion. If you think they are only suitable for women, think again! The prints and patterns are emerging out to be really popular with men as well. From the most popular to the local brands, you can easily find floral pattern and prints. You can also dress up formally while still keeping in with the trend of the floral pattern by getting a tone-on-tone flowered dress shirt and pairing it up with formal coats.

Retro Look

If you want to keep up with the latest trends this summer, the retro look is for you. It has been all over the ramps and red carpets carried by famous celebrities with confidence and élan. You don’t really have to burn a hole in your pockets by getting the clothes for your retro look; you can get the ‘in’ look by simply tweaking in your current style statement i.e. wearing the collar over your jacket or rolling the cuffs of your jeans.


Want to leave a lasting impression on the fairer sex? Pay attention to your footwear. Find the shoes that you can go with a variety of dress codes. Furthermore, since they do not evolve quickly you can use them for a longer period without being concerned whether they are in the fashion or not.

The Right Accessories

Accessories can complement the look and complete the style statement of a guy provided he is using the right ones. Gone are the days of wristbands and neck chains, if you really want to make a style statement get a nice and stylish pair of sunglasses and a trendy wrist watch. Not only they will add class and grace to your personality but will also help in leaving your long lasting impression on the opposite sex.
Make most of this time of the year for making the right style buzz before the summer season comes with full throttle.

Necktie – To Tuck in or Not to tuck?

Wearing neckties with formal wear may not give you much to experiment with as you have to maintain certain decorum to exude professionalism. However, wearing them with formal wear provides you with liberty to try them in different ways and styles.

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Although ties complete an overall look of a man, a flopping tie due to windy conditions may not leave a positive impact of the individual wearing it. There are a few methods to prevent the ties from flopping in the air such as the use of tie clip, tie pin, and tie bar etc. However, one such popular method of keeping the tie in place that has been gaining popularity since the last couple of years is tucking the tie inside the shirt.

There are those who are in favor of this technique of tie tucking as they feel it gives a clean and crisp appearance to a person’s overall personality. On the other side, a certain section is of the view that tie tucking takes away the style and class and the primary purpose of wearing a tie gets lost somewhere in between. However, tucking in a tie into your shirt can give yourself a military-style look that makes you look more edgy.

Worn cautiously, the tie tuck is best executed with a highly patterned or vibrant shirt paired with a plain tie, so the tie is not the focus of the outfit. So think solid color ties with darker colors, such as navy blue or black. The look is also best accomplished with a thin tie because a wider tie might leave too much bulk underneath the clothing.

Again tie tucking in shirts has received a diverse reception from the public. Some find it stylish and comfortable as compared to tucking it in the pants whereas for some it looks absurd and bizarre. The opinion definitely varies from person to person. Some people can pull it off, while for others it may appear as they are trying to protect their tie from drenching into soup. If you feel you have what it takes, give it a shot. It may not give you the standard classy look but it can certainly get you a second glance from everyone. Additionally, it can also work effectively to hide your tie if it’s longer in size.

Wearing a tie in the right way and flaunting it with élan is an art; you will find various tutorials online teaching you the right techniques to tie a tie. However, if you want to make a style statement, leave the practicality behind and come up with your own ways to define a new style statement with a tie. Sometimes being edgy with fashion is the best way to create a new trend.

Selecting the Right Fit – a Guide for Men’s Wallets

You happen to be in the check-out queue, and pull out your wallet to make a payment for something you have just purchased. Beside you, a second man pulls out his own wallet. You look down, and your frayed and tattered money-holder looks absolutely downtrodden next to the shiny, fresh piece the man by you is holding. You accept your change and shuffle on, vowing to purchase a new wallet.

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Even though you accept that its high-time to chuck the wallet that saw you through some memorable college years, it might become difficult to select the right fit. This guide will aid you in deciding on which wallet will sing true for you, and enable you to combine equal parts style and utility.


Size is evidently the most crucial portion of this guide. Lay out the contents of your current wallet, and note if you are more inclined to carry cash, credit cards, or both? Do you seldom use your trusted accomplice to stow away ATM receipts and business cards? Does your wallet hold enough coins to compare to the bottom of a wishing-well?

Firstly, sort out these contents, and discard anything you might not require. Keep it simple: you need some go-to cash, your ID cards, credit cards, and perhaps a business card or two. Current style-statements lie within minimalism, so keep it neat.

Secondly, which size do you prefer? Are you drawn towards small, sleek squares, or rectangular, bulky numbers? Which option best fits your day-to-day wear? Remember – you intend to utilize this wallet, not end up stuffing all your necessities in the pocket of your jeans.

Your daily routine

Are you a college student, looking to stow away just your cash? Or are you a businessman, hoping to select a discreet piece that will not appear bulky or bulged in your suit?

For the former, clip-on wallets are the evident winner. They are discreet, small, and extremely utilitarian.

For the latter, opt for a classic leather billfold. These are sleek, impressive wallets which utilize as much storage space as you require.

If you tend to frequent the gym, select a sturdy and robust sports wallet that will see you through those sweaty runs and cardio exercises.

How often you travel

For the frequent flier, travel wallets neatly store your travel documents, passport, money, and hotel card-keys. These also come in waterproof designs, so that they can bear any adventure-induced damage. Certain tri-fold wallets are capable of holding a lot of material, whereas pouch-like wallets carry zippers to truly maximize the ease of your next travel.

What looks good

The last point boils down to what catches your eye, and best fits your personal flair and style. If a sports wallet would match well with the rest of your sporty attire, opt for one. If you prefer sleek leather shoes, and neat business ties – purchase a billfold sleek leather number. If you prefer to make a loud statement about your fashion choices, pick a colorful number that can be noticeable from a mile away. The final decision rests with you.


Every man wears dress socks, but most of them don’t care much about how to wear it right. Knowing how to wear dress socks right is as needful as knowing how to dress cute. In this post, we’re going to be looking at some of the tips to wearing your dress socks right. They are as follows:

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The number one rule for wearing men’s dress socks is; “Your dress sock color should match and coordinate with the color of your outfit especially your trouser”, It is certain that this rule was established more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, Things are changing as we are being presented with bright colorful dress socks. Therefore the above rule could be modified a bit. Now it should be “Your dress socks color should match and coordinate with the color of your trousers as well as your outfit appropriately particularly other accessories that you incorporate in your looks like the Tie, Pocket Square, and Lapel Flower Pin.”


Avoid wearing colorful dress socks in serious conditions such as crucial official functions, business functions, interviews, and in funerals. If you must wear it, then ensure that it’s a bold solid color and avoid the polka dot and patterned types. Bright colorful and patterned dress socks are worn to display a bold fashion expression. This kind of socks can be used in spicing up a simple outfit.


You must ensure that you observe this simple rule. If your dress socks are torn and worn out, do not stitch or repair it, do not hide it, just go and get a new one. If it is dirty, then wash it before you wear it. Make sure that you wash your dress socks regularly.


This is obviously true for many of us, but unfortunately few of us still do not keep this rule completely. For instance, someone may wear black socks on one foot and dark blue socks on another and think that no one will notice it. That is the point I’m trying to make. If you always mismatch your socks with the thought that people will hardly notice it, then know that you’re wrong, Most people do notice that, and it has a way of creating a negative impression of the person wearing it, which can be an embarrassment to your personality. So try and avoid it.


Make sure that your dress socks get to your calves whenever you put on trousers. You don’t have to show some part of your bare foot or legs, anytime you are sitting, standing, walking. Do not wear socks that is above your knee length.

Get to Know Your Different Plaid Patterns

Plaid Necktie

From miniskirts to pants, to giant scarves and ties, the timeless print of plaid has been on fire. Especially during this time of year when everyone is looking to feel warm. But did you know there are many different types of plaid? Here is a guide to inform you about the different plaid patterns. Because a Spiffster member should always be well-versed with the fashion trend. It’s time to get to know your plaid fabric patterns!

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Gingham was brought in the limelight in the mid-18 century with blue and white being the famous choice. It is a checkered pattern shirt that is distinguished by even-sized checks formed by horizontal and vertical stripes. Generally, two shades of color are used on a white background that forms a checkered design. Gingham checks are versatile and can be worn to any occasion, formal or casual.



As the name suggests Madras is a pattern that was created in India’s city, Madras. This a summer fabric style as it contains checks and stripes in soft and vibrant colors. The checks are uneven and give a sense of depth and dimension to the pattern. A madras shirt is the best to pick for summer casual wear.

Tartan Plaid


Tartan plaid was originated in Scotland and has made its way into the fashion industry as the famous pattern associated to plaid. It basically consists of vertical and horizontal stripes crossing each other and forming uneven checks. Tartan plaids are less colorful than madras check. Tartan is a bold plaid pattern so it is best left to smaller accessories such as bags, bow ties or scarves.

Shepherds Check


Shepherd’s check has derived its name from the plaid design worn by shepherds. This pattern consists of alternating colored stripes crossing each other to form a checkered pattern, set against a twill weave backdrop. This pattern is perfect for a formal event.



Houndstooth is a pattern consists of a tight weave of broken, pointed lines and uneven checks. Houndstooth pattern is traditionally black and white but recently it is available in various colors. The traditional black and white houndstooth is best suited for workplace whereas other colors are best suited for informal occasions.



The windowpane is a light, creative and open pattern that has relatively thin stripes crossing each other to form a large checkered pattern, similar to the patterns of the pane on a window. They are appropriate for the workplace because of the single color stripes that give the shirts a more formal look.

Graph Check


Graph check is a pattern of lines crossing each other to form small checks just like the graph paper pattern. The pattern usually contains solid, thin, single colored stripes that cross each other. They are perfect pick for the workplace attire.



Tattersall check is a pattern that has regularly spaced vertical and horizontal stripes. The unique feature of this pattern is the recurring alternating colors of the stripes that can be in two or three different colors. Tattersall checkered shirts are perfect for a casual evening out.

Pin Check


Pin check is created with pin sized stripes that cross to form small checks that seem as dots from a distance. This pattern generally consists of one color set against white. They are perfect for a formal work setting.

17 Interesting Facts about Neckties

History of the necktie

In today’s article we will discuss some interesting and fun facts about neckties.

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History of Neckties

Historically speaking, neckties were originally and specifically used to keep the collars of men’s shirt bound together. With the period of time, necktie went through different trends and is now in its latest form and style in front of us. So how did the necktie evolve throughout time? We’ll answer that below in a form of a list of interesting facts.

Interesting Facts about the Neckties

1) Originally these ties were not known as neckties but cravat instead.
2) They were silk scarves worn by Croatian soldiers.
3) Till date, neckties are the most famous type of gifts given on Father’s Day.
4) Americans spend approximately $1 billion or even more to purchase 100 million ties a year.
5) These days it is even possible to buy a bulletproof tie for yourself.
6) The world’s most expensive type of a tie was made by an Indian designer named Satya Paul for Mumbai fashion show in 2004. The cost of that tie was $220,000 and it was made of pure silk with 261 studded diamonds.
7) Those people who are in a hobby of collecting ties are called Grabatologists.
8) In 17th century, the English designed such a tie that even a sword could not cut through.
9) There are many countries that manufacture neckties however, Shengzhou is still the biggest and largest manufacture of ties in the world.
10) The official tie of Arizona USA is the Bola Tie.
11) The stripes of American tie goes from top right to bottom left however, the stripes of British ties run from top left to bottom right.
12) Even today neckties are the most famous and popular gifts in the world.
13) Neckties were not originally used for the sense of fashion; they were so thick that not even a strong sword could penetrate it.
14) There was a time in history when touching another person’s necktie meant that you wanted to duel or fight with that person.
15) There are 177,147 ways in which you can tie and necktie.
16) It takes approximately 110 silk worms to make one high quality silk necktie.
17) British schoolboys are famous for wearing neckties.

Why Men Should Wear Neckties

Men and neckties

When it comes to fashion, females have always been naturally more inclined towards it. The variety and ranges of female accessories are more versatile than the male’s counterpart. Female’s beauty products are far more in range than male beauty products. All in all, females have far more choices and varieties to choose from than males.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that males do not get to choose from any product range or that they are not targeted by any fashion or beauty industry. As we discussed before, we humans evolve and change ourselves based on our experiences and behaviors. The main thing that has changed over time is that men are making their own fashion products—whether it’s clothes, neckties, shoes or belts, they are making progress.

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Neckties were originally worn to keep the collars of your shirt tied together, however, over the period of the time the use and style of neckties also changed and is now in front of us in its newest form. Nowadays, neckties instead for their need are mostly used for their fashion requirements.

Men should wear neckties more often

As discussed before, the use of neckties has become a symbol of fashion and grace. Below we will highlight 5 reasons men should wear neckties. Although we believe that people do not need anything to make them look and feel better about themselves, however, the way you use these accessories also defines your personality. Therefore, always remember that you are the one making these accessories look beautiful not the other way around.

1. Grace
Neckties, if worn in the right manner, can make you look graceful and handsome. At the end it all depends on the person wearing them.

2. Class
As discussed, neckties have their own symbol now when it comes to fashion. You mostly wear neckties for formal dinners and gatherings. That is why one should always know how to wear a necktie that will enhance his personality and grace and not diminish it.

3. Different styles
There are all different styles and types of neckties that men can choose from. Again, this choice will also represent their personality and identity, so choose that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

4. Informal gatherings
Now neckties have made their own importance in the lives of men: whether it is a formal dinner or a get together, a presentation or a meeting. Men should own all different kinds of neckties for all different reasons to complement their personality.

5. Completes the attire
Neckties, if worn effectively, make your attire look complete and your personality graceful.

How to Choose the Best and Most Suitable Belt for Men

Men Belts

When women choose something for themselves, let it be clothes or accessories or makeup, they make the purchase after thorough examination and evaluation. They try to choose the best suitable option for themselves because that particular merchandise will become a part of them. Therefore following the common rule of equality among genders, men should also do the same when it comes to the selection for their belts.

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In today’s article of ours, we will discuss some of the points that men should keep in their minds when they are out their buying a belt for themselves or, less likely, for someone else or even selecting belts that complement their attire.

Choosing the best belt for you: what to look for?

Now, there are certain factors that you should always keep in mind when you are deciding on the purchase of belts for men.

The Length and Size of the Belt:
The length of the belt plays a very vital role when it comes to its selection. Dress belts, once they are fastened, should always have a few inches of leather on the left side of the buckle. The reason for this is that it will make it easier to tuck under your first loop of belt: this is also called a good rule of thumb.
Dress belts that are sold in the stores are usually measured by a range of different pant sizes. If you want to have a good fit, you should always opt for a belt that is two or three sizes larger than your pant. For instance, let us assume that your pant size or your trouser’s waist size is 34 inches, then a belt with the size of 36 inches or 38 inches will be most suitable for you.

The type of your Belt’s Buckle:
Belt’s buckle also is significant for making the decision for best and most suitable belt’s selection. There is a common knowledge that suggests that the bigger the belt’s buckle is the less formal it is considered. When it comes to dress belts, they usually have very small and flat buckles. In the case of casual dressing, belts with larger buckles and rounded shapes are more common.

All the dress belts or mostly all of them will have either a gold colored finish or a silver colored finish. If you opt for any male jewelry, for instance cuff links or tie tacks, then your belt should belong to the very same color of that jewelry. In the case of a more casual type of belts, there are no restrictions for the selection; the belt buckle can be any kind.

Choose the most suitable colors for the belt:
In any situation, leather should and must always match leather: brown leather shoes for brown leather belt and black leather shoes for black leather belts. So, in the case of your belt’s color selection you should keep this rule in mind.

Fashion Mistakes Not to Make While Wearing a Necktie

Fashion Mistakes Not to Make

The necktie is a very important fashion accessory that men wear to all kinds of occasions. However, when it comes to neckties, it is important to not make certain mistakes. Some of these are:

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Length of Necktie

The length of the necktie is important. Some people make the mistake of wearing it too short or too long and end up looking weirdly dressed. The necktie division should follow your height. So thus, if you are short, a 60:40 ratio will work. If you are taller, a 75:25 ratio would work. Make sure you are not wearing it too long or too short because that defeats the purpose of the necktie entirely.

Short Sleeved Shirts and Neckties

I never thought I would have to point this one out but it is true. People wear a necktie with short sleeved shirts and this is probably one of the biggest blunders someone can make when it comes to wearing a necktie.

A formal accessory, neckties should be worn with short sleeved shirts if you want a very casual look. If you are teaming both of them up, it would be a no go. Neckties always look best when they are worn with a decent dress shirt and suits. Don’t go for something more than that as it will always disappoint.

The Knot

The knot of the necktie is one of the most important parts of wearing a necktie and you cannot afford to wear something that is dimpled anywhere than the center of the tie as this will never give a good impression.
For a decent necktie knot, you should have a decent four in hand knot that will make it good for you to go. If you want a more elaborate knot, you might as well go for a double Windsor. Every knot is for a special purpose so make sure you are being mindful when you make your decision of making a knot.

Shirt Collars

Shirt collars are also important when it comes to neckties. It is very much true that the shirt collar should never be smaller than the necktie. People wear shirts whose collars happen to be too narrow and they end up hiding the border to the necktie entirely.

Therefore, make sure your shirt collar is wide enough so that it hides the border of the necktie. However, you should always make sure that you remember not to switch things up too much when it comes to the collar or the necktie because you don’t want to run in a blunder.

Loud Neckties, Loud Shirts

Lastly, try not to make things too loud. If you are coming across people who are wearing loud neckties with loud shirts, chances are it is going to fail. Therefore, you should try to focus on one of them instead of both because you would be screaming for wrong attention otherwise.

Remember, neckties look great but there are certain rules that have to be followed when it comes to wearing one.