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4 Necktie Knots That Men Should Know

These days, the majority of men don’t buy more ties just because they don’t know how to tie a knot. In fact, the only time they do need to put together a suit and tie, they go to YouTube for something simple, i.e. the Four-in-Hand knot. That’s why we want to change your fashion habit, because as a member of Spiffster Tie Club, you need to look sharp. So below is a list of essential tie knots that men should be aware of.

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Four in hand knot

Are you in an absolute hurry? According to many designers and stylists, this is one of the easiest ways to tie a knot. Like all the other tie knot instructions, the first and foremost thing is to drape the tie around your collar leaving a few inches to hang down below. Now you need to cross the thick and the thin end adjacent to each other. After you’ve wrapped the thick end behind the thin end, you need to cross them both horizontally. Now make a horizontal band by placing the thick end at the front of the knot. Now, slide the thick end beneath the loop around your collar. Tighten the knot gently by tugging on the thin end.

Kelvin knot

Here’s a tie knot invented by the scientist who also invented the scientific temperature scale of Kelvins. In order to make this knot properly, you are supposed to wrap the necktie around your collar with the thick end on the left and the seam facing outwards. You need to let the remaining tie hang down your chest area two to three inches lower than the desired finishing position. Now you need to make an x shape underneath your chin by crossing the thick end under the thin end. After you’ve done that, you’re supposed to place the thick end on the front of the knot and now you need to continue wrapping from left to right behind the knot. Now bring the thick end horizontally in front of the knot and make a loop. Now pull the thick end through the horizontal loop and tighten the tie by grasping the knot.

Full Windsor knot

This type of neck tie knot is the most popular especially among people who have a large neck size. Often referred to as double Windsor, the full Windsor is often mentioned by stylists whenever someone comes to them for fashion advice. The process of this tie knot also starts with draping the tie around your collar. After that, you need to make an x shape by crossing the wide and the slim end. Now you need to make a loop and cross the wide end beneath it. At the end, you need to create a horizontal band and bring the wide end horizontally across the front of the knot. Slide the tip through the horizontal loop and your full Windsor knot is good to go.

Van Wijk knot

Want to sport a knot that was created by an actual artist? Lisa Van Wijk created this knot to invent the tallest knot possible. The Van Wijk knot is essentially a variation from the Prince Albert knot, except for the third loop around the base. The slender knot creates an unique layered cylindrical effect. Although it is visually striking, it does not do too much to distract so it can be worn even in more formal settings. If you’re getting tired of the common “V” knots, the Van Wijk might breathe fresh air into your tie arsenal.

Choosing the Best Suit for Your Body Type

When a man wants to command attention at a formal occasion, nothing does it best than a well-fitted suit. A suit is a significant part of men’s fashion and the man’s wardrobe is not complete without one. Because some men seldom wear suits, they may neglect making sure it fits their body type. Any girl can tell you, a man wearing an ill-fitted suit is a sight for sore eyes that can remind anyone of a visit to a courthouse.

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In today’s post, we will discuss what kind of suit goes best with what body type. This will give you an idea what a suit can do to enhance your features, which will ultimately transform your personality.


A man’s height can be an important factor in deciding which suit appears best. For shorter men, the suit should be able to produce an illusion of height. For this reason, a peak lapel, shorter jacket, peaking shirt cuff, pinstripes, and micro-checks work well. On the other hand, taller people can make longer jackets, minimum shirt cuffs showing, extra ticket pocket, and big checks work well.

Shoulder-Hip Ratio

Some men have an even shoulder to hip ratio. This means that you have a rectangular body shape. If you also happen to be skinny then it can be difficult to find a suit that fits this shape. Most fabrics will feel like they are cloaking the body. Get a suit that fits close to the body and has a contrast to make the upper body look broader. For this purpose, wider lapels work well.

Triangle and Inverted Triangle

Some men carry the most weight in the gut area while others may have a well-trained upper body. These are the triangular and inverted triangular body shapes respectively. Weight around the gut does not always mean fat, however, accentuating the upper body will take away attention from the belly area. Effective ways to do this include using padding in the shoulders and opting for stripes on the suit. Vertical stripes provide a positive slimming effect. For the inverted triangle, get your chest and torso into balance. Choose a double-breasted jacket and avoid skinnier pants, otherwise you may look like you have chicken legs.

Oval Body Shape

Once again, these are men with concentrated weight around the stomach area. Might be because of all the brewskies ingested during happy hour at the pub, but hey we’re not judging. The same options that work for the triangular body shape will apply in this case too. The concept is about creating a balance. Wear dark colors to look slimmer and choose well-fitted trousers.

Rhomboid Body Shape

This means that a man has a broad chest and equally broad shoulders. Such body shapes tend to slim down around the waist. If you fall into this category, congrats! These men typically can enjoy the freedom of trying out different cuts and designs and almost anything works nicely.

If you have an important event coming up, then you must get a suit that complements your body shape. If you’re confused, consult a tailor. Seriously, they will give you tip-top advice on how to look your best. Once you wear a suit that goes right with your shape, you’ll be excited to go to your next formal soiree looking like a true Spiffster!

How to Pick the Correct Shoes for Any Color Suit

It can be the the appearance that helps a man leave the best first impression on others. As a Spiffster member, we must inform you that no part of your appearance should be neglected. Ask any woman, and she will say that shoes matter. Special attention must be paid to your footwear as unappealing footwear can kill the overall impression, no matter how many bills you’ve dropped on your suit.

Many men find it quite challenging to match their shoes to their suit, particularly if they have selected a suit that is unique in color. If you are one of them, we have got you covered with a detail shoes selection guide. Continue reading to know how you can pick the correct shoes for any color suit.

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Black Suits

If you are wearing a classic black suit, it’s easy. What never goes out of fashion is the black on black combination. Pair it with black shoes. Black exudes grace, class, and elegance. Hence, this black ensemble look will allow you to leave the best impression on others with your classy choice of outfit and pair of shoes. If you want to experiment a bit, get a pair of shoes in dark burgundy color. At that point the judgement is totally up to you, but typically dark burgundy shoes can complement your classic black suit to a T. However, do not go with light burgundy or brown colored shoes.

Navy Suits

For people who are planning to wear a navy suit on a special occasion, don’t worry. You have plenty of options as navy is a much more versatile suit color. If you feel super experimental, you can even pull off a clean fashionable look with a pair of white canvas trainers during casual occasions. A navy blue suit and brown shoes are a classic and make a light, summer-friendly look; while burgundy, tan and black shoes with a navy suit will work well for the most formal occasions with a standout appearance. As for the type of shoe, there are dozens of shoe styles you can go for, from old school monk shoes to classic tassel loafers, but for a sleeker look, it’s best to go for something more streamlined, like a classic brogue or Oxford dress shoe. Want to look more interesting? Try a tasseled loafer with no show socks that show a bit of your ankle.

Charcoal Suits

Charcoal suits are ideal to be worn at corporate events. They have an elegance of their own. When it comes to the selection of shoes for them, you can go for black ones. There’s no reason to stick solely to black shoes though, as burgundy is a great alternative to brown, giving off the same warm tone but matching more easily with darker shades. They typically complement charcoal suits. Hence, they also make for an appropriate selection but do not make this mistake of wearing brown colored shoes with charcoal suits as it will hamper your overall appearance.

Gray Suits

Wearing gray suits offer plenty of choices when it comes to the selection of shoes, so you should have no worries finding the right shoe for your suit here. You can go with camel colored shoes or select a lighter shade of brown. A pair of classic black shoes can also prove to be an ideal choice for gray suits. Because of your endless choice, you could go bolder with the design, going for more angular shapes or added elements, like tassel loafers or intricately detailed brogues. Even though we stated before that charcoal and dark gray suites don’t bode well with brown shoes, it is the opposite here. Light grey can actually benefit from the warm tone of brown, with the color helping the balance out the overall look.

Brown Suits

With a brown suit, you can wear either black or brown shoes. However, the best part here is that you have the liberty of selecting different shades or black or brown. Apart from the color of the suit, there are various other factors that affect the selection of shoes. For example, you need to consider the occasion and accessories you are wearing with the suit.

Harcum College’s Dress For Success Program Helps Students Enter The Work Force Confidently

“We give our students the tools they need to be successful academically and now we’re giving them the means to dress for success, while also feeling confident, as they head into the work force,” remarked Associate Vice President of Student Life Urick Lewis. Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, PA launched a Career Closet in 2012 when they realized that many of their students didn’t have the proper business attire to wear to a job interview.

Students at Harcum come from all walks of life. They have a mix of different economic backgrounds. Diversity is one of Harcum’s core values and they found the Career Closet as a way of being inclusive. Anyone can utilize the Closet and whatever a student takes becomes their own. They don’t need to return it or pay anything for it.

The Closet was dormant for a few years and in Fall 2017 there was a grand re-opening with increased emphasis on helping students achieve their goals by boosting their self-esteem with a career-focused wardrobe. Danyele Dove, Director of Career & Transfer Services, manages the Career Closet with the help of her staff and several work-study students. The students are majoring in Fashion Design & Merchandising, so helping to design and maintain the Closet is adding job skills to their resumes.
“When you see clothes going to students who have a genuine need, it makes a big impact,” commented Dove. This semester seven students utilized the Career Closet to find the appropriate attire for job interviews. Three of those students secured the job they wanted and are thankful they had the Career Closet to help them.

Hearing of the Dress for Success mission, Spiffster donated a box of ties to the Career Closet. The Student Life department hosted a “How to Tie a Tie” tutorial. For many of the young men who benefited from this generous donation, this was their first time owning a tie.

Ricardo Jean-Pierre, a Sports Management major and international student from Haiti, was learning to tie his new tie by watching a video. In his first year of college, he may not have an immediate need for business attire, but now he knows he has what he’ll need when the time comes.

All clothing and accessories in the Closet are from donations made by Harcum employees, graduates, and friends. Harcum hopes that the donation from Spiffster will encourage other businesses to support the Career Closet.

What’s next for the Career Closet? Coordinator Danyele Dove said, “I’ve discovered that male students don’t know their shirt size. Being female, I don’t understand the sizing of men’s clothing. It’s something that I need to learn along with our students. So we’re hoping to find a men’s clothing store who can give us a lesson.”

You can learn more about Harcum College at If you would like to contribute to the Career Closet, please contact Amy Shumoski at

Photo 1: Harcum College students George Jackson, Human Services major; Ricardo Jean-Pierre, Sports Management major; and Alilune Sy, Social Media Marketing major.
Photo 2: Thanks to Spiffster, student Ricardo Jean-Pierre now has a tie for future job interviews. Now to master the art of the knot!
Photo 3: Harcum College thanks Spiffster for the generous donation to their Career Closet.

Simple Tips to Dress up the Best in Your Interview

As they say, “the first impression is the last impression”, this phrase holds absolutely true if you are heading out for a job interview. You should dress your best if you want to leave the best impression during your interview. The impression that you have created with your personality or dressing is further cemented with your communication skills.

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In this blog, we will cover some useful dressing tips that you can follow before an interview to leave the best impression and enhance your chances of landing that job you want.

Dress Code

The first thing you need to do is find out the dress code of the company. By following the dress code, the interviewer will get the impression that you are well-equipped about their company’s culture and values of the company. Do not rely on last moment preparations as it can be chaotic. Prepare your wardrobe for your interview well in advance to save yourself from last minute hassles.
In case, if the company does not follow a proper dress code, you should stick to the safest option i.e. appear for the interview in a suit and tie. Opt for a white color shirt if you are confused about what to wear. It should be neatly pressed with not a single wrinkle. Pair it up with the traditional black suit and tie to leave the best impression.

Shoes & Accessories

Neckties are one of the most importance and noticeable accessory that a man wears. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that it is the first thing that people notice about you in your outfit. So make sure you are getting it right with the necktie. Opt for a simple and decent necktie rather than going all out with bright colors and large patterns. Simple dots or classic stripes pattern is the most recommended option. Avoid bow ties, even if you want to make a different impression. The other accessory that you must wear is a wrist watch. However, opt for a sophisticated one rather than flaunting your Rolex or sports watch. Give your jewelry some rest for a day as it might not go with the professional look you are vying for.

Pay utmost attention to the shoes you are wearing. Avoid loafers at any cost and opt for properly polished black lace-up shoes for the best impression. They shouldn’t be too pointy.


Trim your hair a few days before your scheduled interview to get a neat look. Opt for a rather simpler look and save your trendy hairdos for some other event. If you have facial hair, make sure they are trimmed on the day of the interview or a day prior to it.

Apart from following the tips mention above, there are some other things you need to consider as well.

  • Properly cut your nail, if possible get a manicure.
  • Use neutral deodorant after taking a shower rather than cologne.
  • Don’t forget to keep a handkerchief (preferably plain in light color) in your pocket along with a pen.

After creating an impressive first impression by following the tips mentioned above, impress the interviewer with your communication skills and knowledge of the subject matter to get that job.

Necktie Fashion Mistakes You Should Be Completely Avoiding

A necktie collection has always been mandatory for me ever since I graduated out of college from the University of Minnesota. Before the graduation ceremony, I received two neckties, a stripped yellow tie and a navy blue foulard tie with green circles. That was the moment when I finally understood the power of a neck tie. Not only do they add value, grace, and elegance to a person’s looks but also enhances their personality. I felt more confident as I strolled across the stage to receive my diploma. After that of course, I had to pair my suit with power ties and go through many job interviews until I landed here at Spiffster. Now I own more than 50 different types of ties, and I even have a revolving tie rack!

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Although wearing a necktie is mandatory in corporate life, it has also become the norm to wear it as part of an informal look or to flaunt your fashion sense. There is a diverse range of formal and informal neckties you can find easily (especially when you subscribe with Spiffster) that can go with any occasion you are heading out to. In fact, we offer many tips about how to tie informal knots for more casual occasions. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid that might cause a negative effect of what they were hoping to achieve. Let’s have a look at those mistakes you should be completely avoiding when wearing a necktie.

Clashing Colors and Patterns

While selecting a tie you are going to wear for the event, make sure the colors or the patterns of the tie don’t clash with the color of the outfit you are wearing. It shouldn’t be in contrast to the shirt or suit, rather it should complement it. Similarly, if the shirt you are wearing already has some patterns, opt for a plain colored tie as a patterned tie with a patterned shirt will give you a very loud appearance that may not leave a positive impact on others. For example, if you’re wearing a plaid-patterned suit, do not wear a plaid neck tie!

Awkward Width & Length

Is the tip of your neck tie touching your belly button? In that case, it would be too short. An awkward width or length of a neck tie can single-handedly ruin your appearance no matter how much you spent on that Hugo Boss suit. Make sure that the width of the tie is proportionate to your body type and your overall appearance that includes your suit, shirt, and the tie knot as well. When it comes to the length of the tie, it should end towards the buckle of the belt; wearing it shorter or longer is a big fashion blunder that you must avoid at any cost.

Neglecting the Dress Code

There is a wide range of neckties available and wearing an informal tie with a formal suit or vice versa is considered to be a big fashion mistake; hence, you should have an idea about the types of neckties and wear them accordingly.

To sum it up, neckties make for an essential accessory in man’s wardrobe. A tie can reveal certain things about a man’s personality, fashion sense, and abilities. However, one must avoid the mistakes mentioned above for getting the perfect and the most graceful look when wearing a necktie. Because looking like a chumbolone is not the Spiffster way.


Every man wears dress socks, but most of them don’t care much about how to wear it right. Knowing how to wear dress socks right is as needful as knowing how to dress cute. In this post, we’re going to be looking at some of the tips to wearing your dress socks right. They are as follows:

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The number one rule for wearing men’s dress socks is; “Your dress sock color should match and coordinate with the color of your outfit especially your trouser”, It is certain that this rule was established more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, Things are changing as we are being presented with bright colorful dress socks. Therefore the above rule could be modified a bit. Now it should be “Your dress socks color should match and coordinate with the color of your trousers as well as your outfit appropriately particularly other accessories that you incorporate in your looks like the Tie, Pocket Square, and Lapel Flower Pin.”


Avoid wearing colorful dress socks in serious conditions such as crucial official functions, business functions, interviews, and in funerals. If you must wear it, then ensure that it’s a bold solid color and avoid the polka dot and patterned types. Bright colorful and patterned dress socks are worn to display a bold fashion expression. This kind of socks can be used in spicing up a simple outfit.


You must ensure that you observe this simple rule. If your dress socks are torn and worn out, do not stitch or repair it, do not hide it, just go and get a new one. If it is dirty, then wash it before you wear it. Make sure that you wash your dress socks regularly.


This is obviously true for many of us, but unfortunately few of us still do not keep this rule completely. For instance, someone may wear black socks on one foot and dark blue socks on another and think that no one will notice it. That is the point I’m trying to make. If you always mismatch your socks with the thought that people will hardly notice it, then know that you’re wrong, Most people do notice that, and it has a way of creating a negative impression of the person wearing it, which can be an embarrassment to your personality. So try and avoid it.


Make sure that your dress socks get to your calves whenever you put on trousers. You don’t have to show some part of your bare foot or legs, anytime you are sitting, standing, walking. Do not wear socks that is above your knee length.

How to Choose the Best and Most Suitable Belt for Men

Men Belts

When women choose something for themselves, let it be clothes or accessories or makeup, they make the purchase after thorough examination and evaluation. They try to choose the best suitable option for themselves because that particular merchandise will become a part of them. Therefore following the common rule of equality among genders, men should also do the same when it comes to the selection for their belts.

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In today’s article of ours, we will discuss some of the points that men should keep in their minds when they are out their buying a belt for themselves or, less likely, for someone else or even selecting belts that complement their attire.

Choosing the best belt for you: what to look for?

Now, there are certain factors that you should always keep in mind when you are deciding on the purchase of belts for men.

The Length and Size of the Belt:
The length of the belt plays a very vital role when it comes to its selection. Dress belts, once they are fastened, should always have a few inches of leather on the left side of the buckle. The reason for this is that it will make it easier to tuck under your first loop of belt: this is also called a good rule of thumb.
Dress belts that are sold in the stores are usually measured by a range of different pant sizes. If you want to have a good fit, you should always opt for a belt that is two or three sizes larger than your pant. For instance, let us assume that your pant size or your trouser’s waist size is 34 inches, then a belt with the size of 36 inches or 38 inches will be most suitable for you.

The type of your Belt’s Buckle:
Belt’s buckle also is significant for making the decision for best and most suitable belt’s selection. There is a common knowledge that suggests that the bigger the belt’s buckle is the less formal it is considered. When it comes to dress belts, they usually have very small and flat buckles. In the case of casual dressing, belts with larger buckles and rounded shapes are more common.

All the dress belts or mostly all of them will have either a gold colored finish or a silver colored finish. If you opt for any male jewelry, for instance cuff links or tie tacks, then your belt should belong to the very same color of that jewelry. In the case of a more casual type of belts, there are no restrictions for the selection; the belt buckle can be any kind.

Choose the most suitable colors for the belt:
In any situation, leather should and must always match leather: brown leather shoes for brown leather belt and black leather shoes for black leather belts. So, in the case of your belt’s color selection you should keep this rule in mind.

Sports Jacket vs. Blazer vs. Suit Jacket – What’s the difference?


Men use most of these terms, blazers, suit jackets and sports jackets, interchangeably, as do most of the men’s clothing retailers. These three clothing products end up being a confusion for many men and the classic menswear pieces end up being a mystery. You’re probably wondering about the actual difference among these three items. Most men don’t even bother about the difference issue and end up buying the wrong item for the wrong time. Learning the difference would help you in getting the right jacket that can stand the test of time. Every one of these jackets have their own individuality and formality. Each jacket is unique for its own field and therefore, this factor makes them iconic. The following are the features of these three types of jackets:

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The Suit Jacket:
The suit jacket is the most elegant one among these three. It is a jacket which is made with a matching pair of trousers, which is made from the exact same fabric. This is because it is important for the jacket to match the trousers at all costs. One cannot wear the suit jacket as a sports jacket because if the jacket or the trouser gets washed separately, it would create a slight difference among the two items. These are the most formal type of jackets and are made to fit slim.

The Blazer jacket:
The single-breasted blazer jacket initially had only two buttons to allow moving around without restriction. It is a step lower than the suit jackets. It somehow comes in the middle because it is more formal than a sports jacket but less formal than a suit jacket. A blazer jacket is not made with a pair of matching trousers. They have loose fitting compared to the suit jackets and they are not as structured as the shoulder of a suit jacket. You can wear a blazer any time when you feel that wearing a suit jacket would overdo your look, especially on the weekends.

The Sports Jacket:
The name clearly defines the function of a sports jacket. A sports jacket gives you the benefit of a large variety of colors and patterns. It is a versatile jacket which can be worn with jeans or many other types of trousers. The design has patches which protects the elbows from wearing out. The loose fitting of the sports jacket allows the individual to wear a sweater, or any other layering, underneath it. The sports jackets are mostly found in the shades of brown, blue, gray and green. It is meant to function as a sporting attire for men. A sports jacket is more useful than a blazer, as it can be worn around a number of casual dressed occasions.
Most of the jackets look great with khakis or denim, as long as the color combination form a contrast.

Tips on Staying Cool When You Wear a Business Suit this Summer

Stay cool

Business suits have been the dress of choice for the executive in the corporate world for a very long time now. Not only do they make you appear professional but they also accentuate our features making us feel good about ourselves. Suits were originally designed to get rid of the decorative dresses of the English court, these have not just achieved this aim but they’re also very popular and add an elegant line. The problem arises when one has to compromise between a dapper look and surviving in the heat of the summer.

There are ways in which you can maintain your elegant look while wearing a business suit in summer and still be comfortable. Let us share some of the tips which can help you in this.

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The fabric of your suit is greatly going to affect the level of comfort you feel in your business suit during summer. It is a great idea to use lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton and some modern synthetic fibers designed specifically for summers. These fabrics are highly breathable and look very good too.

Another thing which greatly affects the feel and effect of your business suit on your body in summer is the color of your suit. Light colors are a good option to wear during the daytime. Although, the traditional colors like navy blue, black etc. usually form the bulk of a gentleman’s collection but they’re not the colors most suited to the summer heat as they absorb heat from the surrounding. You can make your wardrobe more colorful in the summer and introduce great variety by using colors like light gray, khakis and others.

There are workplaces where people let go of their ties in summers but there are others where the senior management often insists on a dress code and ties are a part of this code. Wearing the tie should be avoided till the last moment and if you have to cover some distance to reach your office then you should only wear it when you’ve reached the office.

Cool Down
This is something which a large number of gentlemen have tried throughout the history of with great results. The trick is very simple, one just has to give a cooling period to his body after taking a shower. A gap of just 10 minutes between taking a shower and wearing clothes can do wonders and keep you cool for the entire day.

The trend of going sockless in summer has been gaining traction for some time. Even though some traditionalists don’t approve of this but it has been becoming increasingly acceptable and it is a great way of fighting heat during the summers.

Our body generates heat during the process of digestion and if we’re wearing a jacket then this temperature can rise considerably. It is better to avoid high-calorie foods as the body has to do extra work to digest it and if you have to heat then you should always take your jacket off.
There are other ways of staying cool in the summer too, one often learn with trial and error. After some practice, you’ll know the things which work for you and which don’t.