Author: Max DeGrom


Every man wears dress socks, but most of them don’t care much about how to wear it right. Knowing how to wear dress socks right is as needful as knowing how to dress cute. In this post, we’re going to be looking at some of the tips to wearing your dress socks right. They are as follows:

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The number one rule for wearing men’s dress socks is; “Your dress sock color should match and coordinate with the color of your outfit especially your trouser”, It is certain that this rule was established more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, Things are changing as we are being presented with bright colorful dress socks. Therefore the above rule could be modified a bit. Now it should be “Your dress socks color should match and coordinate with the color of your trousers as well as your outfit appropriately particularly other accessories that you incorporate in your looks like the Tie, Pocket Square, and Lapel Flower Pin.”


Avoid wearing colorful dress socks in serious conditions such as crucial official functions, business functions, interviews, and in funerals. If you must wear it, then ensure that it’s a bold solid color and avoid the polka dot and patterned types. Bright colorful and patterned dress socks are worn to display a bold fashion expression. This kind of socks can be used in spicing up a simple outfit.


You must ensure that you observe this simple rule. If your dress socks are torn and worn out, do not stitch or repair it, do not hide it, just go and get a new one. If it is dirty, then wash it before you wear it. Make sure that you wash your dress socks regularly.


This is obviously true for many of us, but unfortunately few of us still do not keep this rule completely. For instance, someone may wear black socks on one foot and dark blue socks on another and think that no one will notice it. That is the point I’m trying to make. If you always mismatch your socks with the thought that people will hardly notice it, then know that you’re wrong, Most people do notice that, and it has a way of creating a negative impression of the person wearing it, which can be an embarrassment to your personality. So try and avoid it.


Make sure that your dress socks get to your calves whenever you put on trousers. You don’t have to show some part of your bare foot or legs, anytime you are sitting, standing, walking. Do not wear socks that is above your knee length.

17 Interesting Facts about Neckties

History of the necktie

In today’s article we will discuss some interesting and fun facts about neckties.

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History of Neckties

Historically speaking, neckties were originally and specifically used to keep the collars of men’s shirt bound together. With the period of time, necktie went through different trends and is now in its latest form and style in front of us. So how did the necktie evolve throughout time? We’ll answer that below in a form of a list of interesting facts.

Interesting Facts about the Neckties

1) Originally these ties were not known as neckties but cravat instead.
2) They were silk scarves worn by Croatian soldiers.
3) Till date, neckties are the most famous type of gifts given on Father’s Day.
4) Americans spend approximately $1 billion or even more to purchase 100 million ties a year.
5) These days it is even possible to buy a bulletproof tie for yourself.
6) The world’s most expensive type of a tie was made by an Indian designer named Satya Paul for Mumbai fashion show in 2004. The cost of that tie was $220,000 and it was made of pure silk with 261 studded diamonds.
7) Those people who are in a hobby of collecting ties are called Grabatologists.
8) In 17th century, the English designed such a tie that even a sword could not cut through.
9) There are many countries that manufacture neckties however, Shengzhou is still the biggest and largest manufacture of ties in the world.
10) The official tie of Arizona USA is the Bola Tie.
11) The stripes of American tie goes from top right to bottom left however, the stripes of British ties run from top left to bottom right.
12) Even today neckties are the most famous and popular gifts in the world.
13) Neckties were not originally used for the sense of fashion; they were so thick that not even a strong sword could penetrate it.
14) There was a time in history when touching another person’s necktie meant that you wanted to duel or fight with that person.
15) There are 177,147 ways in which you can tie and necktie.
16) It takes approximately 110 silk worms to make one high quality silk necktie.
17) British schoolboys are famous for wearing neckties.

Fashion Mistakes Not to Make While Wearing a Necktie

Fashion Mistakes Not to Make

The necktie is a very important fashion accessory that men wear to all kinds of occasions. However, when it comes to neckties, it is important to not make certain mistakes. Some of these are:

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Length of Necktie

The length of the necktie is important. Some people make the mistake of wearing it too short or too long and end up looking weirdly dressed. The necktie division should follow your height. So thus, if you are short, a 60:40 ratio will work. If you are taller, a 75:25 ratio would work. Make sure you are not wearing it too long or too short because that defeats the purpose of the necktie entirely.

Short Sleeved Shirts and Neckties

I never thought I would have to point this one out but it is true. People wear a necktie with short sleeved shirts and this is probably one of the biggest blunders someone can make when it comes to wearing a necktie.

A formal accessory, neckties should be worn with short sleeved shirts if you want a very casual look. If you are teaming both of them up, it would be a no go. Neckties always look best when they are worn with a decent dress shirt and suits. Don’t go for something more than that as it will always disappoint.

The Knot

The knot of the necktie is one of the most important parts of wearing a necktie and you cannot afford to wear something that is dimpled anywhere than the center of the tie as this will never give a good impression.
For a decent necktie knot, you should have a decent four in hand knot that will make it good for you to go. If you want a more elaborate knot, you might as well go for a double Windsor. Every knot is for a special purpose so make sure you are being mindful when you make your decision of making a knot.

Shirt Collars

Shirt collars are also important when it comes to neckties. It is very much true that the shirt collar should never be smaller than the necktie. People wear shirts whose collars happen to be too narrow and they end up hiding the border to the necktie entirely.

Therefore, make sure your shirt collar is wide enough so that it hides the border of the necktie. However, you should always make sure that you remember not to switch things up too much when it comes to the collar or the necktie because you don’t want to run in a blunder.

Loud Neckties, Loud Shirts

Lastly, try not to make things too loud. If you are coming across people who are wearing loud neckties with loud shirts, chances are it is going to fail. Therefore, you should try to focus on one of them instead of both because you would be screaming for wrong attention otherwise.

Remember, neckties look great but there are certain rules that have to be followed when it comes to wearing one.

4 Interesting Ways to Tie Your Tie

Van Wijk Knot

It is no longer rare to find a man who is as conscious about his dressing as a woman, and well, why shouldn’t they be? Yes, you read that right; there is no harm in men wanting to dress better than just appropriate or being aware of the latest trends in an attempt to look their best. While many may scoff at the old saying, “Clothes make the man” I for one feel that it is fit for today’s fast moving world where everyone is always on their toes and everything happens in a rush, hence people are often unable to take out time to get to know the “real you” which means sometimes all you have is a first impression. We are all aware of the importance of a good first impression, so my advice to you would be to not hesitate in making the best of it. While talking of first impressions the way you dress plays a crucial role, which brings us to our topic of discussion.

A tie is a very common yet vital accessory for a man. While many may not be aware, there are numerous ways in which a tie can be tied to make you stand out from the crowd. While suits can often be boring or dull as they may be more or less the same, a tie can be that one prominent element that you can use to brighten up your look. Here are a few interesting ways in which you can tie your tie. Men out there who’ve been trying to get attention from that special someone must pay heed to these guide lines.

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The Fishbone Knot
If you’re struggling with how to achieve that chic and sophisticated look you always dreamt of, trust me you won’t regret investing your time learning this knot. Though I agree that it might take you more than just a few tries to get the hang of it, it is definitely worth the effort. It looks extremely elegant and classy and will without a doubt catch a lot of second glances.

The Atlantic Knot
This one’s not as complicated as the one we talked about earlier and is comparatively quite easy to learn. For those of you who are sick and tired of your everyday office look or want to make a little extra effort to look good for a not-so-formal event, this one’s for you.

The Van Wijk Knot
Enjoy being the topic of discussion in a gathering? Here is something for you. This one with its layered effect will definitely get you a lot of intrigued looks and a hand full of “How did you do that?” Its intricate design will definitely get people talking about you and to you. So learn this slightly complicated knot and enjoy all that attention you crave for.

The Rose Knot
Last but not the least, the rose knot is a must know to make sure that, that fine lady sitting across you at that table for two feels special. Yes, that’s true, women really appreciate it when men put in a little extra effort to look good for them. This is the knot to make her feel just that.

These four knots will surely help you get your desired look on numerous occasions. Just remember that the way you dress has an immense impact on people’s perception of you, so do what you have to and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make it right.

The History of Bow Ties

Bow Ties

Bow ties are commonly worn by men and women alike. They are a popular choice amongst men than women. The advent of bow ties was during Croatian mercenaries in the Prussian wars that took place in the 17th century. They used to wear it around their necks to properly hold the opening of their shirts.

Their popularity grew in the 19th century as neck ties started becoming a popular choice. Bow ties actually were a modification of their predecessor, the cravat. By 1880s, bow ties became one of the most common fashion items in man’s wardrobe.

The bow tie has undergone many changes since it was first launched. It has changed both its form and function and become a traditional stereotype now. People wear bow ties all the time; whether it is street style to celebrity fashion, bow ties are worn by people and they are available in a variety of looks. Generally, bow ties are now considered to be one of the most happening fashion accessories.

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The start of bow ties was in the 17th century when people were seen wearing it around their neck. They used to wear a knotted piece of fabric around the neck that added a lot of warmth and appeal to their natural suits. The bow tie was worn by Croatian soldiers during the wars where they used to wear it to keep their collar shirts intact.

By the 1700s, the bow ties became a popular choice amongst the upper class and were a main feature of men’s dress.

In 1886, bow ties got a major booast as Pierre Lorillard, a renowned designer, developed a new design for it and wore it to the formal ball which was held at the Tuxedo club. His tuxedo gained immense popularity amongst people and bow ties became a hit choice amongst fashion enthusiasts.

Ever since the first launch of bow ties, they have gained immense popularity over time. In the last few decades, bow ties have changed the way we think about fashion. The bow tie has, over the years, moved out of its rigid categorization of just being something that is worn formally. It is now a fashion accessory that is worn at any event and for any purpose. Many celebrities have also worn bow ties and that has further increased their popularity. The catch? All different types of celebrities wear bow ties so there is no one particular category that does.

From Karl Lagerfeld to Manolo Blahnik, comedian Charlie Chaplin and others, everybody has been seen wearing a bow tie.

While previously, bow ties were used as a male accessory, they were worn by females in the 1920s and 30s. They were picked up by famous stars including Marlene Dietrich and others which increased their popularity as a common accessory that can be worn by males and females alike.

Bow ties have, therefore, emerged as a prime accessory for males in the 17th century to one of the most well used fashion accessory by males and females alike over the years. From their design to their type, bow ties have changed immensely over the years.

Here’s How You Should Clean a Tie!

Spilling something on your favorite tie is almost as painful as the time I thought using bleach on all my clothes was a good idea. Ended up with white blotches on nearly all my favorite shirts and pants. RIP, my favorite dark gray shirt. I say “almost” because there are ways to clean your tie. It’s not hopeless! So stop regretting (unless you bleached your clothes–then you can weep) and learn to clean your tie easily with the three simple tips!

1. Oil Stain

This stain is probably among the most common ones. Sometimes you get some grease on your hands, and you accidentally get it on your tie. No worries, though. Simply rub the stain with a paper towel, as much as possible to get out the oil deposit. Then you’ll need to spread corn starch directly on to the stain, and let it absorb the oil overnight. Brush it off in the morning, and voila! It’s gone!

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2. Food Stain

Another common evil, from the villainous world of stains. Being careless sometimes myself, I’ve gotten my tie in a bowl a soup, on my burger and fries, and even on some chow fun noodles. Ah, if only I remember to tuck in my tie every time to I go out to eat. It’s just that sometimes I don’t have the energy from a tough day of work. But no worries, I’ve mastered the art of cleaning a stained tie. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

First, do not attempt to wipe it off with your hands. Use a butter knife, so that you don’t dab it into the fabric. Take a napkin and soak it in club soda. Now gently dab the napkin on to the stain. Then you must dry the fabric afterwards, to avoid and residual liquid stains.

The same technique will also prove useful against sauce stains. Sauces usually splash and may end up on your tie. No worries, now you’ll know how to fix it when the problem arises.

3. Wine

Now there are different types of wines, which require different types of treatment. So, let’s start with how to treat a red wine stain.

If you’ve got a red wine stain, you should treat it with table salt. Be generous and spread the salt out evenly on the stain. The salt will soak all the wine and you will be able to clean off the stain.

For White wine, you should simply head to the washroom and dry the tie under the hand-dryer. It may remove the stain completely, if not, you can take the tie to the dry-cleaning shop.

4. Coffee, Cola etc.

Now these are common stains as well. For stains occurring from cola drinks, coffee or any other liquors with amber color, you may dab it with a napkin dipped in club soda and liquid soap. Just use the regular soap from your home. Proceed to dry the tie. That should do the trick!

Daily Maintenance

Cleaning off your tie stains is one thing, but taking proper care of your tie is also imperative. When you head in after a tough day at work, don’t just grab and pull your tie off. You may ruin the tie’s fabric and its shape. Wash your hands, take off the tie properly and hang it in a suited place. You should consider visiting the dry-cleaning place once or twice a month for your ties. Remember, a true Spiffster keeps his ties in tip-top shape!

How to Iron a Shirt Properly

How to iron a shirt

A shirt defines a lot about the person wearing it. If you want to have a good look, you will need to keep your shirts ironed. When you wear a wrinkled shirt, it tells others people that you don’t care how you look and you are too lazy to iron your shirt. A crisp shirt gives a nice impression on others. Of course, you will want to look well-groomed, composed and clean. Operating an iron is not much of an effort and it’s pretty simple. And you don’t own endless number of shirts either so you are left with the option of ironing. There are a number of ways to iron a shirt but I have put a simple method for you step by step. You are going to make your mom proud.

The first thing you need is an iron. You will be requiring an ironing board and a balanced surface to place it. The area where you are going to iron should be well-lighted and clean. The level of ironing board should be waist level for you. Get a spray bottle with water in it. Setup the ironing board in a comfortable place. Check the fabric of the shirt as different fabrics require different amount of heats. Spread the shirt on the ironing board, making sure you don’t wrinkle it all over again. Now plug the iron and set it up its hottest level initially.

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You have the shirt on ironing board, spread it properly, unbutton it and spray water on it to get the wrinkles out.

Start ironing the back of the collar of shirt and move from one end to other by applying moderate pressure.

Place the shirt with the back facing the ironing board. The shirt should be placed flat to avoid creases and it makes the ironing process easier too. Slide the iron with moderate pressure from bottom to top. Slide the shirt over once you have ironed one side of it and then work on the other side just the same.

Flatten the sleeves with your hands and start ironing from cuff moving to shoulder. You can iron on the top of the sleeve with a crease. Repeat the same with the other sleeve.

You have to iron around the buttons carefully and gently so that the threads holding them are not disturbed.

Place the shirt so that the front is on top of ironing board. Iron from left or right side and then go to the other side. Iron around the sides of the pocket of the shirts to the center. Make sure to take your time to avoid any mistakes and harm. You don’t want to have a hole in your shirt.
You can now wear the shirt of hang it. Remember, an ironed shirt is always pleasant to wear and will give you a good look and make you approachable.

Great Necktie Colors And Patterns To Wear During A Job Interview

Job Interview Necktie

If you have been called in for an interview, this means that you have been given an opportunity to show what you are capable of. It means that you have the chance and a platform to present your viewpoint, to a certain number of people. However, mere knowledge, creativity and talent is not enough to go through an interview session successfully. You need to equip yourself with the ideal attire to impress your interviewers.

One of the major aspects of an ideal attire is the perfect necktie. However, most of the people, going for an interview, are not properly familiar with the importance of a necktie and which necktie might be perfect for the interview. Moving on, let us talk about some of the major aspects related to the perfect necktie for an interview, starting with its importance.

Importance of Necktie in an Interview:
A necktie is a standard component of a man’s attire for a job interview. It holds a lot of importance when you are talking about impressing the people taking your interview. You chances of landing on a job depends on whether the interviewers find you impressive enough. To ensure this, you have to well prepared in all the basic area. A tie catches the direct attention of your interviewers. Hence, whether you impress your interviewers with your necktie, or annoy them, depends on you.

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Colors to Wear:

Dark Colors: Dark colors can show your powerful character to the interviewers and help you create a strong foundation.

Burgundy Color: Burgundy color can show your maturity and a strong mindset, which can be a huge factor for your interviewers to consider you for the job.

Bright Colors: Bright colors can show your creativity and enthusiasm to the people taking your interview. However, make sure that the colors are not too flashy.

Colors to Avoid: When going for an interview, the sparky and flashy colors of a necktie are a big no! Black, silver, white and any colors which might annoy your interviewers should be avoided, when going for an interview.

Patterns to Wear:

Stripes: Stripes are a major symbol of power and sophistication. This will denote your strong character to the interviewers.

Paisleys: If you want to show your traditional classicism to the interviewers, a necktie with paisley patterns would be a great attempt at it. This will be a great way to show your maturity to the people taking your interview.

Geometric patterns: Geometric patterns show that you are a creative person. If you are going for an interview for a creativity-based job, geometric patterns are an option worth considering.

Plain: Reflecting your style and demeanor can be easy if you are looking forward to wearing a solid patterned necktie on your interview day.

Patterns to Avoid:

One of the mistakes people might make when choosing the pattern for their neckties is choosing a necktie with logos etc. This might set of your interviewers enough to reject your job application. Hence, avoid wearing neckties with logs, for example, cartoons.


The bottom line is that a necktie is one of the most important parts of your attire for an interview. It can either make or break your chances of impressing your interviewers and the opportunity to get a job in this recession driven world!

Skinny Neckties – Should I Wear them?

Skinny Neckties

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Skinny ties first became popular in the 1920s amidst a post-war climate that encouraged cost-cutting. It then made a comeback in the 1950’s, through pop icons like the Beatles and the Rat Pack – a style designed to complement fitted and tailored clothes of the time. However, in the 1970s, Elvis Presley sported thick ties making that design more stylish and the skinny ties were no longer the sought after fashion of the time. In the 1980s, skinny ties partially made an appearance, but, it wasn’t until recently that the skinny tie really made its mark in the fashion world. Moreover, Christian Dior launched the “New Look” – of “a narrow silhouette” – for gentlemen, bringing the slim, somber “conservative” ties back into fashion.

The general consensus is that skinny ties look best on men that have a tall and thin built (If Chris Pratt or Tom Hardy – in his Bane days- were to wear it, their built would over power the look).

The retro look of narrow neckties is a sought after look by young and fashion oriented men. This group of men wears the skinny tie combined with jeans, and a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and an open top collar. A skinny tie can be paired with slim suits that are perfectly tailored to the thinner frame. These ties are gaining popularity amongst celebrities and a look at the fashion and entertainment industry will show how the skinny tie is the rage. From red carpet events, to photo shoots or even after parties, celebrities and fashionistas can be spotted wearing the skinny tie. Even among musicians, skinny ties are popular and are regularly incorporated into their attire. Skinny ties aren’t restricted to a certain genre of music. Bands such as “My Chemical Romance” as well as pop music stars like Justin Timberlake, all support the skinny tie – it is everywhere.

Thanks to the various industries, the skinny tie is now a part of the ever growing diverse fashion.

Skinny ties are not just restricted to men’s fashion. Popular fashion designers have started to incorporate skinny ties into women’s fashion providing the image of a new modern woman. Women’s collection all over the world now feature skinny ties, although the length is slightly shorter than that of men and the colors are even more brighter and better.

However, it is probably safe and acceptable to wear a skinny tie to a work place if one works in a relaxed, creative environment. For businesses such as investment banks or law firms, the skinny neck tie is unsuited and will probably be frowned upon and seen as irresponsible and non-serious.

For a more generic black-tie event, stay away from the skinny tie and opt instead for a tuxedo and white pocket square. Follow the celebrities and the elite of fashion and choose solid black neckties made from fine silk.

The Origins of the Shelby Knot

Shelby Knot

A lot of styles have been introduced in the tie-tying business over the decades. Most tie-tying methods have been mixed with other methods to form the perfect technique. One of these brilliant mergers of the Nicky Knot and the Windsor Knot is the Shelby Knot. As we move on, I will share some basic information regarding this everlasting tie-tying method.

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What is the Shelby Knot?

The Shelby Knot, also known as The Prat Knot or The Prat-Shelby Knot is a method of tying a tie around one’s neck and collar. The knot was created by Jerry Pratt, who was an employee of the US Chamber of Commerce. The knot was considered a revelatory knot although it has a lot of resemblance with the Nicky Knot. The Shelby Knot is an unusual type of knot using the ‘reverse side out’ method.

The History of Shelby Knot:

It all started when one day, the 92-year-old Jerry Pratt showed up in the television studio to tell the 42-year-old chief anchor of WCCO-TV Don Shelby that he did not know how to tie the perfect knot. Onwards, Mr. Pratt told Mr. Shelby that Pratt would let him know a secret of his which can teach Mr. Shelby how to tie the perfect knot. This knot was supposed to be balanced, well-proportioned and perfectly symmetrical.
The ways of tying the perfect knot which were shown by Mr. Pratt to Mr. Shelby combine to form a term known in the recent times as The Shelby Knot. Shelby then refined the knot made by Pratt with a local clothier known as Kingford Bavender and started wearing it on air with a spread collar. Hence, the rise of a new style in the neck-tying business was witnessed. The Shelby Knot mainly gained popularity in the late 1986’s due to its perfect symmetry and trim precision.

A Closer Look:

The Pratt-Shelby, or more commonly known as, The Shelby Knot is a variation of both the Windsor Knot and the knot notorious to most of the masses, The Nicky Knot. It begins with the tie seam facing outwards and produces a symmetrical and triangular knot. The Shelby Knot produces a medium size between the Four-In-Hand and the Windsor Knot. This knot uses less fabric than a full Windsor, however, produces a knot which can easily be mistaken for it.

How to tie a Shelby Knot?

There are mainly four steps in which you can tie a perfect Shelby Knot.
1. Flip the tie upside down, with the seam facing outwards.
2. Cross the wider part under the narrow end of the tie. Make a loop just like in a Half Windsor.
3. Bring the wide end over the top of the loop and form a triangle.
4. Slip the wide part through the triangular loop and fix the dimple accordingly.

The Shelby Knot is a traditional way to tie your neck tie and is an everlasting method considered highly in the formal dressing code. People have been using this method for a long period of time. Still, this method is followed by most of the people who tie a tie around their necks and collars.

For a visual guide/demonstration of tying the Pratt-Shelby Knot, watch the following YouTube video (done by Don Shelby himself) here: