Author: Max DeGrom

5 Great Ways for Men to Tie Their Scarves

Winter is here. And if you’re currently living in the United States, you’re probably feeling the arctic blast of low temperatures. You’re not worried though, as you have your trusty coat, fuzzy hat, thick gloves and a wool scarf to help keep you from freezing over. Because let’s face it, cold weather isn’t going to stop you from having a good time. Be sure to wear your scarf correctly though, because when it is worn right, it becomes more than just another piece of apparel that keeps you warm. A scarf will add a touch of finesse to your style. In this article, I will introduce some ways to tie a scarf which will make you look suave and truly a Spiffster.

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The Smooth Urban Style

If you want to look stylish, but don’t like to waste much time; this one’s for you. Overlap the scarf into equal parts, the long way, and wrap it around your neck; at that point, pull the loose ends through the ring that was made by the overlay.

The Casual Style

This style looks great on casual clothing. If you are out for a casual event or going to a nightclub; this will be a great to wear it. Wear the scarf around your neck, with the left side of the scarf coming down to your chest, while the other side runs down to your waist. Now take that long side of the scarf and pull it around your neck from the left side, so that both sides fall equal on your chest.

The Gentleman’s Cross

If you’re wearing a coat or a jacket, this might be the perfect way to wear it. Wear the scarf around your neck and tuck it inside the coat or a jacket. You can also wear it around the neck without tucking it in and it still would look great. Make sure both sides are level.

The Fashion Aficionado

If you are wearing a casual jacket, this style is a great option. Wear the scarf around your neck, and make it level on both sides. Pull the right side across and behind the left side to make a knot. When you pull the scarf down from the right side, the knot will tighten and the scarf will come in to a smooth shape. You can also tuck in the fall of the scarf inside the jacket.

Mr. International

If you are looking for a look which will make you appear fashionable anywhere in the world, this one’s for you. Again, wear the scarf around your neck, so that it is level on both sides. Now take the right side and pull it over the left shoulder.

5 Unusual Tie Knots to Learn and Master

So if you’re a member of Spiffster, you probably already know some basic tie knots. Whether you regularly sport the Windsor knot or Four-in-Hand knot, it’s good to learn a few interesting knots for more casual occasions. You’ll turn some heads for sure. So without further ado, here are some interesting ways to tie a neck tie knot:

1. The Onassis Tie Knot

This is one of the oldest ways to tie a Knot, the Onassis knot was introduced in 1989 by the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. You might also strike up an interesting conversion. There are two ways to tie this knot; one is the full Windsor base which is said to be the best way, as it keeps the knot firm and it comes loose on its own. Furthermore, it is easier and keeps the Onassis Horizontal and another way is the four in hand base. They both look the same, but the Windsor base is more symmetrical.

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2. The Cape-Knot Tie Knot

Feeling like a superhero? The cape-knot tie knot might be one of the most attractive ways to tie a Necktie Knot and might make you feel faster than a speeding bullet. It can arguably be worn on any occasion, such as as a wedding or work. It is best suited with a stripe pattern or mono-colored ties. It makes the pattern look unique. It works well with thicker ties, as compared to any standard tie length.

3. The Linwood Taurus Tie Knot

One of the most difficult knots to tie, the Linwood Taurus knot looks like the horns of a bull and sometimes looks like the hands of the trophy. It is mostly worn at parties and informal events. It’s a wise decision to combine it with a vest. And because the knot is so wide, try to use this knot with shirts that have wide collars. Looks amazing with a plain color design.

4. The True Love Tie Knot

Want to show off your romantic side? The True Love knot is another tough way to tie a knot. It needs a lot of practice to get it right. It is divided into four portions, which gives it a heart shape. All the extra cloth tucks into the collar. This knot accents the style statement of a person and hence, is very popular an unusual knot. Save it for a Valentine’s day date.

5. Ediety Tie Knot

Also known as the Merovingian Knot as it was worn by Merovingian in The Matrix. A very unique looking tie knot; it looks best when worn with a two tone tie. It can either be of two different designs or two different colors. The Ediety knot looks decent and fancy with a sweater or a vest. This knot came in to prominence during the early 1920s. Many famous personalities in the past have worn it and made it famous.

The History and All We Know About the Paisley Pattern

The history of the paisley pattern dates back to centuries ago in ancient Babylon, or present Iraq, in 1700 BCE. Scholars have also argued the pattern originated from the city of Yazd in Iran, where a traditional fabric called a “Termeh” included patterns of what was then known as “Boteh.” The pattern resembles a host of things among them, a lotus, a mango, a leech, the yin yang symbol, even a dragon! In ancient Babylon, the paisley pattern was said to resemble an uncurled date palm, a flowering plant species in the palm family, Arecaceae, which was highly cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. The plant was a source of life’s basic necessities and produced food, wine, paper, and even shelter! Ancient Babylonians viewed the date palm as a symbol of prosperity, and thus the paisley pattern sprung into life as a result.

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Role of Kashmiri in paisley design

The Kashmiri, natives of the Kashmiri region in the Indian-Pakistani border also played a huge role in the popularization of paisley patterns. The Kashmiri practice of khil’at, “robes of honor” embraced the use of shawls which were decorated in all sorts of patterns predominantly of paisley design. The shawls were exchanged in political and religious ceremonies. A person in power would give the shawl to his or her inferiors as a show of luxurious compensation.

Current trend in paisley design

The use of paisley in fashion and design is still widely embraced to date. Current trends reveal an increased popularity and preference for the design in men’s fashion. Neckties, bow ties, shirts, t-shirts, pants, and coats are just but some of men’s clothing that are being designed with paisley patterns. The rich history of the patterns and their association with prosperity and plenty is said to be one of the reasons why men prefer to be in outfits with a touch of paisley. It’s classy and traditional. Perfect for any office environment.
Paisley is no doubt a major factor in fashion and design, and it could be argued that it is one of the greatest things that ever happened to the fashion industry.

Chris Pine Is Leading the Way in Fashion and Hollywood

In Hollywood where competition is cutthroat, American actor Chris Pine’s stock has been steadily rising and his star has been shining more and more brightly. As Pine has undeniably become one of Hollywood’s premiere leading men, it’s not only his many silver-screen portrayals that have been turning heads and receiving positive feedback.

Last October, GQ identified Pine as a true fashion icon naming him the International Man of The Year. As he is the brand ambassador of Armani, Pine has consistently put forward wardrobe ensembles that many men can take their style cues from.

One of the many trademark elegant looks of his includes rocking bowties. While you may be thinking that this kind of traditional necktie may only fit a certain individual, Spiffster offers a retort, emphasizing that wearing a bowtie can set you apart and instantly inject confidence into any formal look. For Pine’s appearance at the recent Golden Globe Awards, USA Today highlights and applauded his choice of a classic black bowtie for the esteemed event.

Pine certainly seems to have also significantly spearheaded the bowtie resurgence. Esquire explains that men should follow Pine’s lead as it seems wearing wide neckties are making a comeback. Not sure about the difference between a thick and thin necktie? Here’s a quick fashion tip: sticking to a width that’s between 2.75 and 3.15 inches is the wide-necktie standard you should go for.

The 37-year-old actor has definitely forged his own indelible imprint in the fashion scene—the same way he did for one of pop culture’s most iconic characters: Captain James Kirk. While the role will always be closely associated William Shatner’s original portrayal, Pine took the role and made it his own in the Star Trek reboot film series between 2009 to 2016. Many new fans of the show have grown up with his version of the character. Star Trek is one of the most enduring franchises and it took someone with the star power of Pine to lead the rebooted series. This year the sci-fi classic has once again been revisited on the small screen through Star Trek: Discovery.

Beyond the television and film landscape, the Star Trek influence has also boldly gone to the gaming industry. Star Trek Bridge Crew was released this year, which allowed players to sit in the captain’s chair and command their own ship using VR technology. It is the closest experience fans of Star Trek can get to being Captain Kirk. The Star Trek franchise has expanded to many digital avenues to cater to its global audience. Slots title Star Trek: Red Alert from games platform Slingo, uses iconic imagery from the original series that allows fans to interact with the Space-Western universe in a different form. Like the Chris Pine Star Trek films, the game takes elements from the original series and updates it for a modern audience.

Needless to say, Pine is the face of the modern Star Trek multimedia and his embodiment is something that fans will follow for many years to come. Moreover, Pine is redefining how a modern man should carry himself, even when it means going for a classic look. While many may claim the bowtie to be out-dated, remember that they said the same thing about Star Trek, and with Pine leading the way, the franchise came back bigger and more popular than ever.

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Bow ties for Men: Our arguments for why men should wear bow ties

“Whenever I wear one, women smile,” as stated by Cooper Ray, founder of Social Primer.

The bow tie has been a fashion statement for years, despite being unpopular among some people. They think it is a difficult cravat to pull off that is yet to be well accepted in the fashion industry. However, bow ties have descended from a neckwear style worn by Croatian mercenaries for various reasons: it was meant to keep the collars of men’s shirts fastened and closed together – it played a bigger role as a short scarf than an accessory. The bow tie commonly seen today was innovated by French fashionistas seeking a new, unique way to tie a short neck scarf. The invention was much embraced in the fashion industry and has trended since. Why then should men wear bow ties?

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The bow tie is trending

Bow ties are quickly creeping back to the top of men’s fashion segment. It is becoming a necessity in every man’s tie collection. If you do not believe it, check out the sudden uptick in sales of bow ties that came about after the release of the series “Doctor Who” and each James Bond film. Keep up with the trend that has led actors like Ryan Gosling to wear the bow tie to red carpet events.

Elegance and Confidence

The bow tie reflects back to a time when men were considered well-dressed. In the era when bow ties were popular, men were attentive towards the accepted norms for appropriate clothing and their importance to occasions. Today, these rules rarely apply or are adhered to. Stand out and pair your suit with a bow tie and bring back elegance. By the way, how often do you see men wearing a bow tie? Not too often. Therefore, it does take a lot of confidence for a man to wear a bow tie. You’ll be bolder than that Taco Bell Fire sauce.


It is about time that you juggled up your wardrobe. Alternate between regular neck ties and bow ties from time to time. If you put on your bow tie with the right outfit, you will be outstanding and memorable from this sign of confidence and elegance.

Pull off patterns

Bow ties come in a variety of patterns that can barely be pulled off on neck ties. Therefore, if you are attending a cocktail party, you have different patterns to try out without looking tacky. As long as it’s not a shiny glitter tie, your design will probably be acceptable at a social event. Yellow dogs, dolphins, and smiley faces sometimes will work depending on how casual the event is. The bow tie is extremely flexible. So go get some, man.

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Simple Tips to Dress up the Best in Your Interview

As they say, “the first impression is the last impression”, this phrase holds absolutely true if you are heading out for a job interview. You should dress your best if you want to leave the best impression during your interview. The impression that you have created with your personality or dressing is further cemented with your communication skills.

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In this blog, we will cover some useful dressing tips that you can follow before an interview to leave the best impression and enhance your chances of landing that job you want.

Dress Code

The first thing you need to do is find out the dress code of the company. By following the dress code, the interviewer will get the impression that you are well-equipped about their company’s culture and values of the company. Do not rely on last moment preparations as it can be chaotic. Prepare your wardrobe for your interview well in advance to save yourself from last minute hassles.
In case, if the company does not follow a proper dress code, you should stick to the safest option i.e. appear for the interview in a suit and tie. Opt for a white color shirt if you are confused about what to wear. It should be neatly pressed with not a single wrinkle. Pair it up with the traditional black suit and tie to leave the best impression.

Shoes & Accessories

Neckties are one of the most importance and noticeable accessory that a man wears. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that it is the first thing that people notice about you in your outfit. So make sure you are getting it right with the necktie. Opt for a simple and decent necktie rather than going all out with bright colors and large patterns. Simple dots or classic stripes pattern is the most recommended option. Avoid bow ties, even if you want to make a different impression. The other accessory that you must wear is a wrist watch. However, opt for a sophisticated one rather than flaunting your Rolex or sports watch. Give your jewelry some rest for a day as it might not go with the professional look you are vying for.

Pay utmost attention to the shoes you are wearing. Avoid loafers at any cost and opt for properly polished black lace-up shoes for the best impression. They shouldn’t be too pointy.


Trim your hair a few days before your scheduled interview to get a neat look. Opt for a rather simpler look and save your trendy hairdos for some other event. If you have facial hair, make sure they are trimmed on the day of the interview or a day prior to it.

Apart from following the tips mention above, there are some other things you need to consider as well.

  • Properly cut your nail, if possible get a manicure.
  • Use neutral deodorant after taking a shower rather than cologne.
  • Don’t forget to keep a handkerchief (preferably plain in light color) in your pocket along with a pen.

After creating an impressive first impression by following the tips mentioned above, impress the interviewer with your communication skills and knowledge of the subject matter to get that job.

Tips and Tricks for a Great Shave

Beard trends are going mainstream with the focus of fashion industry being on beard styling for the past couple of seasons. However, the life of an office professional may not afford him the luxury of following this widely followed trend. So, if you believe in supporting a neat look for the office, you’ve got to shave mate!

A perfect shave is an art which most men are unaware of. You should not have to get an appointment with a barber, each time you need to get a good shave. We’re here to help you with tips and tricks to get the perfect shave by yourself, at your home! Hooked yet? Keep on reading to learn more.

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Getting your Skin Ready

Our face has its own natural oils. To remove the excessive oil and dirt from your face, you need to wash your face thoroughly. This will provide a clean canvas for your shave. You can soften your beard hair by washing your face with warm water or dabbing it with a hot towel.

Using Shaving Creams or Oils

To get a seamless and perfect shave you need to moisturize your face well. If your face is not properly moisturized, it may lead way for cuts and burns. To moisturize your face properly, you can use a shaving oil or a shaving cream. This will make the shaving process easier for you.

Choosing the Right Blade

There are many quality blades available in the market which can help you get the perfect shave at home. You need to find the perfect razor according to your facial needs or skin type. You may also use an electric shaving machine, a cartridge razor or a straight blade for shaving.

Knowing the Right Angle and Technique

You need to use extreme caution while shaving your face because you are dealing with sharp objects. The perfect angle for you to shave would be between 30 and 45 degrees. By using this angle, you will be safer while shaving. Do your shave with your dominant hand, this will allow you to have more control over your razor strokes. You need to shave in the direction of the hair growth. If you go in the opposite direction you can be left with ingrown hairs which can be painful.

After Shave Process

After you are done with shaving your face, you should wash your face with cold water. This will close your pores and will prevent clogging. When you are done with washing your face, you can apply any after shave gel or oil to keep your skin safe from bacteria.

Knowing the right way to shave your face is important or it can result in serious injurious. You can be good at shaving by following the tricks and tips I have mentioned above. When you get good at shaving yourself, you will not feel the need to go to a barber and waste money and time. I hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know, if you would like us to share some more cool tricks and tips!

Spring Fashion Guide for Men

It is finally the time of year when you can get rid of the long overcoats, jackets, and mufflers and showcase your fashion sense to the world. Spring is the time when you can experiment the most with the fashion and make a style statement. Read on to know a simple fashion guide for men through which they can dress up to the best and add attraction to their personality.

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Color Selection

If you are confused about the colors to pick this spring, go for neutral colors. However, you should always select the colors that go with your skin tone. You can also opt for multi-color striped shirts or sweaters and pair it up with blue denim for making a style statement. It will give you a modern yet classy look. A color that can never go wrong be it anytime or season is the white color. Either you are going for a formal meeting or a casual get together with friends, white color can exude class, elegance, and style at the same time.

Floral Pattern

Floral pattern and prints never go out of fashion. If you think they are only suitable for women, think again! The prints and patterns are emerging out to be really popular with men as well. From the most popular to the local brands, you can easily find floral pattern and prints. You can also dress up formally while still keeping in with the trend of the floral pattern by getting a tone-on-tone flowered dress shirt and pairing it up with formal coats.

Retro Look

If you want to keep up with the latest trends this summer, the retro look is for you. It has been all over the ramps and red carpets carried by famous celebrities with confidence and élan. You don’t really have to burn a hole in your pockets by getting the clothes for your retro look; you can get the ‘in’ look by simply tweaking in your current style statement i.e. wearing the collar over your jacket or rolling the cuffs of your jeans.


Want to leave a lasting impression on the fairer sex? Pay attention to your footwear. Find the shoes that you can go with a variety of dress codes. Furthermore, since they do not evolve quickly you can use them for a longer period without being concerned whether they are in the fashion or not.

The Right Accessories

Accessories can complement the look and complete the style statement of a guy provided he is using the right ones. Gone are the days of wristbands and neck chains, if you really want to make a style statement get a nice and stylish pair of sunglasses and a trendy wrist watch. Not only they will add class and grace to your personality but will also help in leaving your long lasting impression on the opposite sex.
Make most of this time of the year for making the right style buzz before the summer season comes with full throttle.

Necktie – To Tuck in or Not to tuck?

Wearing neckties with formal wear may not give you much to experiment with as you have to maintain certain decorum to exude professionalism. However, wearing them with formal wear provides you with liberty to try them in different ways and styles.

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Although ties complete an overall look of a man, a flopping tie due to windy conditions may not leave a positive impact of the individual wearing it. There are a few methods to prevent the ties from flopping in the air such as the use of tie clip, tie pin, and tie bar etc. However, one such popular method of keeping the tie in place that has been gaining popularity since the last couple of years is tucking the tie inside the shirt.

There are those who are in favor of this technique of tie tucking as they feel it gives a clean and crisp appearance to a person’s overall personality. On the other side, a certain section is of the view that tie tucking takes away the style and class and the primary purpose of wearing a tie gets lost somewhere in between. However, tucking in a tie into your shirt can give yourself a military-style look that makes you look more edgy.

Worn cautiously, the tie tuck is best executed with a highly patterned or vibrant shirt paired with a plain tie, so the tie is not the focus of the outfit. So think solid color ties with darker colors, such as navy blue or black. The look is also best accomplished with a thin tie because a wider tie might leave too much bulk underneath the clothing.

Again tie tucking in shirts has received a diverse reception from the public. Some find it stylish and comfortable as compared to tucking it in the pants whereas for some it looks absurd and bizarre. The opinion definitely varies from person to person. Some people can pull it off, while for others it may appear as they are trying to protect their tie from drenching into soup. If you feel you have what it takes, give it a shot. It may not give you the standard classy look but it can certainly get you a second glance from everyone. Additionally, it can also work effectively to hide your tie if it’s longer in size.

Wearing a tie in the right way and flaunting it with élan is an art; you will find various tutorials online teaching you the right techniques to tie a tie. However, if you want to make a style statement, leave the practicality behind and come up with your own ways to define a new style statement with a tie. Sometimes being edgy with fashion is the best way to create a new trend.

Selecting the Right Fit – a Guide for Men’s Wallets

You happen to be in the check-out queue, and pull out your wallet to make a payment for something you have just purchased. Beside you, a second man pulls out his own wallet. You look down, and your frayed and tattered money-holder looks absolutely downtrodden next to the shiny, fresh piece the man by you is holding. You accept your change and shuffle on, vowing to purchase a new wallet.

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Even though you accept that its high-time to chuck the wallet that saw you through some memorable college years, it might become difficult to select the right fit. This guide will aid you in deciding on which wallet will sing true for you, and enable you to combine equal parts style and utility.


Size is evidently the most crucial portion of this guide. Lay out the contents of your current wallet, and note if you are more inclined to carry cash, credit cards, or both? Do you seldom use your trusted accomplice to stow away ATM receipts and business cards? Does your wallet hold enough coins to compare to the bottom of a wishing-well?

Firstly, sort out these contents, and discard anything you might not require. Keep it simple: you need some go-to cash, your ID cards, credit cards, and perhaps a business card or two. Current style-statements lie within minimalism, so keep it neat.

Secondly, which size do you prefer? Are you drawn towards small, sleek squares, or rectangular, bulky numbers? Which option best fits your day-to-day wear? Remember – you intend to utilize this wallet, not end up stuffing all your necessities in the pocket of your jeans.

Your daily routine

Are you a college student, looking to stow away just your cash? Or are you a businessman, hoping to select a discreet piece that will not appear bulky or bulged in your suit?

For the former, clip-on wallets are the evident winner. They are discreet, small, and extremely utilitarian.

For the latter, opt for a classic leather billfold. These are sleek, impressive wallets which utilize as much storage space as you require.

If you tend to frequent the gym, select a sturdy and robust sports wallet that will see you through those sweaty runs and cardio exercises.

How often you travel

For the frequent flier, travel wallets neatly store your travel documents, passport, money, and hotel card-keys. These also come in waterproof designs, so that they can bear any adventure-induced damage. Certain tri-fold wallets are capable of holding a lot of material, whereas pouch-like wallets carry zippers to truly maximize the ease of your next travel.

What looks good

The last point boils down to what catches your eye, and best fits your personal flair and style. If a sports wallet would match well with the rest of your sporty attire, opt for one. If you prefer sleek leather shoes, and neat business ties – purchase a billfold sleek leather number. If you prefer to make a loud statement about your fashion choices, pick a colorful number that can be noticeable from a mile away. The final decision rests with you.