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6 Simple Neckties Every Man Should Own

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In the last couple of decades, everything in this world has changed. Let it be earth, humans, technology or fashion. Fashion, in particular, has evolved majorly. Since the beginning, man has acknowledged the importance of clothing and its uses in different scenarios. What started as a necessity, with time, changed into fashion and style.

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Nowadays, fashion and clothing industry are one of the most revenue generating industries among other businesses. The reason for this is that people have recognized the role and importance that clothing has in improving one’s appearance and personality.

Today, we will discuss the most fashionable ties that every man must own to look dapper.

The Navy Tie

navy necktie

Among the list of many different shapes and designs of neckties, navy tie is number one in this list. There are many reasons for this tie to make the first place, such as:

It can be used with many different colors, and is not bound by only one or two color schemes.

  • Navy tie can make any man look presentable and charismatic at the same time because of its basic and natural color.
  • This can be used more for business meetings and interviews.
  • It can be used with any type of wardrobe collection that you have. Be creative but be yourself.

The Glen Plaid Tie

glen plaid tie
This tie is making the second position in our list of 6 ties. The reasons are as follow:

  • Glen tie, if used with basic color suit, can make your appearance glamorous.
  • This is generally used more for formal gatherings and dinners.
  • With simple color scheme and color selection you can make your look complete and charismatic.

The Simple Black Silk Tie

Simple Black Tie
The third name in our list goes to simple black silk tie. This tie is used for situations such as:

  • Weddings and gathering where you have to look and act respectful.
  • This tie can be used in situations where you need to be calm and collected not loud and wild.
  • It is simple yet effective.

The Dark Red Tie

dark red tie
The fourth one in our list is dark red tie, it is used in places where you have to be assertive and conservative. It can be used for meetings or presentation where you have look presentable at all times.

Solid Blue Tie

Another tie that is important for men to own is solid blue necktie. This color tie can be used in many situations: let it be meetings, diners and gatherings etc.

Polka Dot Tie

polka dot ties
Polka dot tie is the last one to make in our list today. It is also an important tie that men should own and use in many different situations. You can use it for both relax meetings and conservative gatherings, just know how to use it and please do not abuse it.

So, these were the 6 must-have ties for all fashionable men out there. We hope you would have found our post helpful. Stay spiffy!

Summers, Shorts, And Men; All You Need To Know About This Lethal Combo

Men's Shorts

There was a time when shorts were linked to kids and toddlers but not anymore. After WWII, when they were introduced in the military it was only them then men began to relate them to manliness. Other than that, their light fabric, loose fitting, and comfortable feel make them ideal for all sorts of casual parties. Although the apparel is making its way to the mainstream fashion scene, but to carry it off perfectly, there are certain rules which you need to follow.

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Length is important
The usual length of the shorts is anywhere between 1 to 3 inches above your knees. If you are tall then the ideal length is an inch above the knees while the short guys can risk going 3 and even 4 inches above their knees. However, if you have the legs for it and think that you can pull them off with confidence then who are we to stop you. However, if you think you lack the body and the confidence for it then try to stay within the safe range.

Pay attention to their fit
Shorts add bulk to the upper parts of your legs. If the transition between the upper portion and that where they hang loosely around your legs is not smooth, you might end up looking pompous and weird. If you have a hard time deciding, then go for a straight tapered cut since it works well with all body types.

Decide if you want to fold or not
You might have come across men who like to fold the hem of their shorts while the rest just like to leave them the way they are. It is all a preference of choice. Usually, the ones with thinner legs like to have the hems folded to add volume to their otherwise skinny legs. However, men with short heights are advised against the folding since it would draw attention to their heights.

Socks are a big no
Socks with shorts is a fashion crime. It makes you look outdated and boring. To maintain a retro look, it is important that you leave your socks at home when you wear shorts.

Pair up the shirts accordingly
It is all about the look you think you can rock off more comfortably. If you think that you can pull off the summery vibes a polo or a short-sleeved button-up shirt would give when paired with the shorts, then, by all means, go for it. We have even come across men who have pulled off a full-sleeved shirt just as comfortably with the summery feel of the shorts as they have a plain old t-shirt.

Shorts are about making you feel comfortable while giving you a stylish look. If you want to enjoy a day out at the beach or want to go out on a hot summer day then put on a pair of shorts and create your own style while keeping in minds the few rules we laid out for the attire.

Sports Jacket vs. Blazer vs. Suit Jacket – What’s the difference?


Men use most of these terms, blazers, suit jackets and sports jackets, interchangeably, as do most of the men’s clothing retailers. These three clothing products end up being a confusion for many men and the classic menswear pieces end up being a mystery. You’re probably wondering about the actual difference among these three items. Most men don’t even bother about the difference issue and end up buying the wrong item for the wrong time. Learning the difference would help you in getting the right jacket that can stand the test of time. Every one of these jackets have their own individuality and formality. Each jacket is unique for its own field and therefore, this factor makes them iconic. The following are the features of these three types of jackets:

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The Suit Jacket:
The suit jacket is the most elegant one among these three. It is a jacket which is made with a matching pair of trousers, which is made from the exact same fabric. This is because it is important for the jacket to match the trousers at all costs. One cannot wear the suit jacket as a sports jacket because if the jacket or the trouser gets washed separately, it would create a slight difference among the two items. These are the most formal type of jackets and are made to fit slim.

The Blazer jacket:
The single-breasted blazer jacket initially had only two buttons to allow moving around without restriction. It is a step lower than the suit jackets. It somehow comes in the middle because it is more formal than a sports jacket but less formal than a suit jacket. A blazer jacket is not made with a pair of matching trousers. They have loose fitting compared to the suit jackets and they are not as structured as the shoulder of a suit jacket. You can wear a blazer any time when you feel that wearing a suit jacket would overdo your look, especially on the weekends.

The Sports Jacket:
The name clearly defines the function of a sports jacket. A sports jacket gives you the benefit of a large variety of colors and patterns. It is a versatile jacket which can be worn with jeans or many other types of trousers. The design has patches which protects the elbows from wearing out. The loose fitting of the sports jacket allows the individual to wear a sweater, or any other layering, underneath it. The sports jackets are mostly found in the shades of brown, blue, gray and green. It is meant to function as a sporting attire for men. A sports jacket is more useful than a blazer, as it can be worn around a number of casual dressed occasions.
Most of the jackets look great with khakis or denim, as long as the color combination form a contrast.

How to Match Your Necktie to the Season

For those who are particular about how they look and present themselves in front of others; should primarily draw their attention towards dressing elegantly. Elegance and charm become a part of you when you dress properly.

For men who want to steal the audience, just by their presence, should start with their appearance. Now men listen! It looks good when you are wearing formals or maybe corporate suits to office but what matters is that your combinations look good. It might be the case that you are wearing a nice looking tie or shirt but when both wore together, might turn out to be a big NO- NO.

So a safe play would be to simply walk with the SEASON.

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Summer Season
With all the heat out there you would want to wear something light so that you do not absorb all the heat which would make you burst… Oops! So it is better if you wear a light colored shirt but this does not mean the color needs to be dull. Like, you can wear the color purple but it can be light in color- the lightness depends on the tint you prefer to go with. This is easy! You probably know this. But what can be tricky is the TIE! So if you are wearing a plain purple shirt, combine it with a dark purple tie. Or if you do not want it All Plain, then you can wear a patterned tie with it but it should be dark in color. Besides the color trouble, the other issue can be of what tie material should I carry? So most preferably silk that is wore year-around; other materials can be cotton and linen. Linen is preferable for hot days.

Winter Season
In winters it’s harder to stick to combinations because of the cold that tries to pull you down by wearing whatever can keep you warm. But, you can fight it. In winters dark colors are preferable to wear with light colored ties or pattern ties or polka dot ties with plain shirts or patterned shirts. If you want to wear pattern on pattern then wear opposing patterns like a wide patterned or plain shirt with a narrow patterned raw/knit sill, cashmere or wool tie.

But, I think it is fine if you want to wear a light colored shirt, just remember a dark colored tie or if you wear a dark shirt then wear a light colored tie or a darker colored tie than that of your shirt.

So wear a tie color that combines well with your shirt color in the respective seasons along with the right cloth materials. Because the two things that can be pinching are colors and the material of the cloth. Colors have the tendency to either absorb or radiate heat. So wearing dark colors would help you stay warm in winters and wearing light colors in summers will help you stay cool. Similarly, cotton or linen are materials that absorb the least amount of heat, in comparison to materials like, wool or raw silk.

Tips on Staying Cool When You Wear a Business Suit this Summer

Stay cool

Business suits have been the dress of choice for the executive in the corporate world for a very long time now. Not only do they make you appear professional but they also accentuate our features making us feel good about ourselves. Suits were originally designed to get rid of the decorative dresses of the English court, these have not just achieved this aim but they’re also very popular and add an elegant line. The problem arises when one has to compromise between a dapper look and surviving in the heat of the summer.

There are ways in which you can maintain your elegant look while wearing a business suit in summer and still be comfortable. Let us share some of the tips which can help you in this.

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The fabric of your suit is greatly going to affect the level of comfort you feel in your business suit during summer. It is a great idea to use lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton and some modern synthetic fibers designed specifically for summers. These fabrics are highly breathable and look very good too.

Another thing which greatly affects the feel and effect of your business suit on your body in summer is the color of your suit. Light colors are a good option to wear during the daytime. Although, the traditional colors like navy blue, black etc. usually form the bulk of a gentleman’s collection but they’re not the colors most suited to the summer heat as they absorb heat from the surrounding. You can make your wardrobe more colorful in the summer and introduce great variety by using colors like light gray, khakis and others.

There are workplaces where people let go of their ties in summers but there are others where the senior management often insists on a dress code and ties are a part of this code. Wearing the tie should be avoided till the last moment and if you have to cover some distance to reach your office then you should only wear it when you’ve reached the office.

Cool Down
This is something which a large number of gentlemen have tried throughout the history of with great results. The trick is very simple, one just has to give a cooling period to his body after taking a shower. A gap of just 10 minutes between taking a shower and wearing clothes can do wonders and keep you cool for the entire day.

The trend of going sockless in summer has been gaining traction for some time. Even though some traditionalists don’t approve of this but it has been becoming increasingly acceptable and it is a great way of fighting heat during the summers.

Our body generates heat during the process of digestion and if we’re wearing a jacket then this temperature can rise considerably. It is better to avoid high-calorie foods as the body has to do extra work to digest it and if you have to heat then you should always take your jacket off.
There are other ways of staying cool in the summer too, one often learn with trial and error. After some practice, you’ll know the things which work for you and which don’t.

Suit Yourself and Match a Tie

Create a killer combo for yourself

Create a killer combo for yourself

Some of the best weapons in a gentleman’s wardrobe are his collection of ties. However, like any weapon not handled correctly, neckties also have the potential to destroy a man by ruining his image and we all know how important images are, after all ‘first impression is the last impression’ isn’t said for nothing. Even though no one admits it but a large majority of us has difficulties in matching the suit and necktie pairs. Often we take the easier route and select a random tie with our expensive suits which, instead of helping us, totally ruins the impact we had planned to make.

The Basic One

There are many variants of shirts and neckties but the simplest of both of these will be ones which have no patterns or, in other words, a solid shirt and a solid tie. This is the safest combination you can ever have. The basic rule of thumb is to always pair a dark colored tie with a less dark colored shirt. Never wear a dark shirt with a light necktie. To improve this plain look, people often use contrasting colors which are a time-tested way of doing it but one other way to do it is to use a different shade of the same color, for example, you can pair a light blue shirt with a dark tie. This gives a very classy effect.

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Advanced Matchmaking

Going one step further, we land in the territory of mixed combinations. In mixed combinations, either the shirt has a pattern and the tie is solid or the tie has a pattern and the shirt is solid. A simple rule applies to both types of combinations. For a shirt with the pattern, you can select any color from the pattern of the shirt (as long as it is darker than the overall look of the shirt) for your tie. The same principle applies to the reverse combination, you can pick any color from the pattern of your tie.

The Ultimate Look

One to the trickiest looks to pull off is wearing a pattern on a pattern but this is what separates the novices from the masters. Although this look may need some practice to achieve perfection but the rewards are very satisfying. There are some simple things you need to keep in mind before you decide to wear a pattern on a pattern.

The basic thing to take care is that the patterns on your shirt shouldn’t match the pattern of your ties, for example, you wouldn’t pair polka dots with dots on your shirt too.

The next thing to keep in mind is to vary the size of patterns between your shirt and tie. Generally, the patterns on your tie should be bolder and larger than the ones on your shirt.

Lastly, it looks very sleek if you match the color of patterns in your tie with the major color in your shirt.

These are the basic tips which can help you in matching your neckties with suits, it is assumed that your jacket is darker than your shirt. These tips may not help you win that lucrative deal but they’ll definitely empower you to have the confidence to try and give your best shot.

What is the Van Wijk Necktie Knot?

Features: Not symmetrical, somewhat difficult to tie, uses a lot of fabric, and works well with brighter colors so the knot gets accented.

Van Wijk Necktie Knot

Van Wijk Necktie Knot

Want to sport a knot that was created by an actual artist? Lisa Van Wijk created this knot to invent the tallest knot possible. The Van Wijk knot is essentially a variation from the Prince Albert knot, except for the third loop around the base. The slender knot creates an unique layered cylindrical effect. Although it is visually striking, it does not do too much to distract so it can be worn even in more formal settings. If you’re getting tired of the common “V” knots, the Van Wijk might breathe fresh air into your tie arsenal.

Due to its slanted cylindrical effect, the knot is asymmetrical. The cylinders create a multilayered appearance that looks irregular, yet creates a striking look. Anyone who wears such a knot may seem to score more points in the adventurous and daring category. To attract attention (and perhaps, get noticed by the darling from across the room), make sure to wear a solid, bright tie. is giving away a free tie with promo code “FREETIE” till the end of this month!

We suggest wearing the Van Wijk knot in less formal occasions. If you are itching to try something different in a more formal occasion, you can make the knot tighter. That way it will bode well as long as you’ve given your entire outfit some thought. This knot works best for thinner men, and wearing a vest might help accentuate the knot. So what are you waiting for? Try this knot out now!

How to tie the Van Wijk Necktie Knot:

The Origins and All We Know About The Four-In-Hand Necktie

Terracotta soldiers sporting neckties

Terracotta soldiers sporting neckties

Arguably the most popular and most widely used neck tie knot is the four in hand knot. Its popularity lies in its elegant design and the element of class it adds to the person wearing a four in hand knot. There’s a lot to know about one of the oldest tie knots in our history.

Unfortunately, it cannot be exactly pointed towards a time when the use of a four in hand tie knot began. However, use of the four in hand knot in different wear goes right down to ancient Chinese age. Neck scarves on the statues of the famous terra cotta army soldiers, were found to be worn in a four in hand knot. It is believed that the four in hand was worn, as it was believed to channel power.

Use of the four in hand knot can also be found in the Roman era. Roman soldiers used to wear ribbons in the four in hand knot form, for the purpose of identifying themselves in battlefield. However, the decorative use of the four in hand started mainly from the Croatian soldiers.

After the victory of Croatia and its ally in the war against Turkey in 1636, the Croatian soldiers wore colorful scarves on their necks tied in the four in hand knot, while celebrating their victory in Paris. This was very well received and gradually took the shape of fashion.

Modern Origin Of Four In Hand Knot

The birth of modern neck tie took place in the industrial revolution era. The urge to look presentable was at its peak, as everyone wanted to look outstanding. The trend of neck ties gained popularity here as it was easy to wear and added a great amount of class to the attire.

With the popularity in the neck tie trend, the need for an easy yet elegant knot was imminent. This is where the four in hand tie knot gained massive popularity.

Origin Of The Name- Four In Hand

The name four in hand was derived from the four horse carriage. The knot has a resemblance with the reins of the carriage, thus the origin of the name four in hand.

Another theory links to the famous, London gentleman’s club, Four In Hand’s adaption of this knot. They made it fashionable, and the name is thought to be linked to the club.

Four in Hand Knot- A Closer Look

In today’s age, there are too many styles and variations of knots available to choose from. A gentleman should know how to choose the popular Four In Hand tie knot. Its characteristic feature is that when tied, it takes the shape of a small yet asymmetrical knot. The knot has a resemblance to the alphabet “V”.

The Four In Hand is essentially one of the most ancient knots to be used in neck-wear. The great thing about it is that it can be worn to a great deal of occasions. So, here you have a great deal of information related to the origins and more about the Four In Hand tie knot.

Here’s a video brought to you by Howcast that teaches you how to tie the Four in Hand Knot. If you’d like a free necktie, is giving away a free tie with promo code “FREETIE” till the end of this month!

The Written History of the Windsor Knot

Duke of Windsor sporting the Windsor Knot

Duke of Windsor

The Windsor Knot was a knot sported by the Duke of Windsor and his Grandfather King Edward VII. You could say the Duke of Windsor was considered a very polarizing figure and could influence the citizens from across the pond. During his visits to the United States, he often wore his neckties with a triangular knot at the top. His style quickly spread throughout the United States, as the look was considered more casual and relaxed. More than seventy years later, it’s still one of the most popular variation of how men sport their neckties.

Even though it was made popular by King George VII, the Duke of Windsor was the one who popularized it. What makes the knot popular today? It produces an even wide symmetrical triangular knot. It creates a wider knot even with ties created with normal thickness cloth.

This knot is also very comfortable to wear, as the knot is very stable and well-balanced. Its large knot also helps keep the throat warm when being exposed to colder weather. It also helps distract attention from the wearer’s face, so it complements people with much facial hair.

What’s the difference between the Windsor knot and the Half-Windsor knot? The Windsor Knot is typically used on a larger man with nice thick ties, while the Half-Windsor knot is made for sleek, tall, fit man with sleeker fabric. So if you are wearing a shirt collar that is choking you at the top, a nice Windsor knot helps cover that area. Remember, if you choose to wear the Windsor Knot, try and use a tie with longer material.

The Windsor Knot helps emphasize a classic look for males that sport it to gain the confidence in any situation.

Don’t know how to tie the Windsor Knot? The instructions for tying a Windsor knot are shown in the following YouTube video by Howcast below.

The History of Neckties

Neckties are a common gift choice for men of all ages. Billions are spent on neckties every year. They have been used for different purposes. Neckties sow your social status and occupation and also your own identity. Also, neckwear has utilitarian purposes which protects the neck or even helps in hiding the buttons of the shirt.

Purpose Of Neckties

Neckties have been a part of men’s attire in different forms and from different ages. The ancient Egyptians used to wear a rectangular piece of cloth from the start. The closest form of the current day necktie has been seen by people in the Thirty Year War. Neckties depict your social status and is used for plain fashion purposes as well. It is used in different forms, sizes and shapes.

Neckties are a purely decorative accessory. It does not really keep you warm or dry but it doesn’t add to the comfort either. Neckties originated in the 17th century during the 30 year war in France. Initially, Croatian mercenaries were hired by King Louis XIII who wore this as a piece of cloth around their neck as a part of uniform. The necktie was seen as a decorative effect but they were later shown as a mandatory accessory for royal gatherings. Neckties initially came up during the 1900s and have evolved till 2013. In the 1900s, the tie was considered to be a must have clothing accessory for men during the 1st decade of the 20th century. The most common ones during that time were Cravats but they evolved from the early 17th century ties. After 20 years, a four in hand knot was invented. Even though there have been an evolution of other tie knots, the four in and is one of the most famous tie knots. Other tie knots during that time were bow ties and ascots.

Emergence Of Neckties

Between 1910-1919, neck ties started resembling the ties we see today as they evolved overtime. Moreover, between 1920-1929, neck ties became a good choice for men as bow ties were reserved for black tie functions. However after a time, neckties emerged as British regimental ties. Moreover, in between 1930-39 and 1940-49, neckties became wider and were seen in many patterns and designs. In the 49s, neckties took different form and shape and they became a collection of differently shaped and designed accessories. Moreover, in 1950-59, there was an emergence of skinny ties and these ties were then created to form a more fitting and tailored clothing. Neckties then became something that tie makers started experimenting with. Between 1960-69, there was a huge change in neckties and some of the widest neckties were created. A new necktie by the name of Kipper Tie came in. Between 1970-79, 2000-2009 and 2010-2013, neckties emerged with great vigor. Neckties became thinner in 2000-2009 with a range of 3.5-3.75 inches. The sizes were shrunk further between 2010-2013 and the ties now have different widths, cuts and fabrics. Now neckties range between 2.75-3 inch wide and the knitted ties come in different weaves, unique fabrics, width and patterns.

Neckties have massively evolved overtime. They are a great piece of accessory and they and are worn by all over the world. The average price for a necktie at a retail store is $34. Because it’s so pricey, a collection of neckties is typically obtained after many years of shopping. Yet for $8.95 per month, you are able to get a fresh tie made from premium materials such as silk, linen, and wool each month from Spiffster. What makes it extremely convenient is that the ties are chosen by our fashion enthusiasts and are delivered right to your doorstep! To take advantage of this offer, subscribe to the Spiffster necktie subscription box here.