Author: Jackie Mark

Enjoy the outdoors before it’s too late!

We know summer’s almost over, but we don’t want it to end! So we’re coming up with a few inexpensive ways to enjoy the outdoors with a date. Because when the weather is nice out, it’s not about spending lots of money or taking your date out shopping on Rodeo Drive or dining out at Chez de [insert something French here]. It’s about spending quality time in the beauty that is the outdoors. The window of opportunity is still open for you (depending on where you live) so plan a date outdoors today!

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Time out in the Park

The ideal thing to do is to look for parks that are a bit of a stretch from your home (perhaps up to a 45-minute drive). The drive time doubles the fun as long as you have light music playing in the car. With the parks, the possibilities of date ideas are immense. Enjoy the hiking trailers and scenic adventures, then take out your smartphone and boot up Yelp! to find a local hot restaurant nearby. It shouldn’t disappoint!

Drive-in Cinemas

Watching a movie with your partner can prove to be an entertaining experience but if you talk about romance, drive-in theaters provide a more, how do we say, seductive environment. You can sit in your car holding the hand of your partner and enjoy the movie along with the company of someone very special to you. Caution: if you are conscious of the public, this option may not be suitable for you. If you’re the type of couple that loathes PDA, then bring a grill and just chill out. That way you’ll get a delicious dinner as well.

Check out the county or state fair

Local fairs tend to sprout up during this time of the year. For example, the Minnesota State Fair is one of the biggest in the United States. Open till labor day, they have the most interesting foods on a stick ever. Well, they are known to concoct tens of new food dishes every year. But you can still enjoy a fun night even if it isn’t a humongous event. Enjoy the calories, walk around, take a few thrilling rides and win your date that stuff animal bear.

Adventure Spots

What can be more exciting than going on an adventure with your partner? You can go at some adventure spot like a national park where you can hike to a picturesque spot or historical point of interest. Or hit up the state’s biggest waterpark. Before making a plan, consult about the difficulty and get their consent so that the plan does not get spoiled. Use apps such as Yelp! and Trip Advisor so you’ll know where to go.

Visit Some Charitable Institution

Plan a visit to some charitable institution. You might think it as unproductive, but it will bring your partner closer to you. You will share happiness with others along with winning the love of them as well as your partner’s.

6 Latest Fashion Trends for Men during the Hot Summer

Every season comes with its own trends for how to dress. For example, during the winter season, you wear thicker fabrics and dark colors while during the summer and spring season, lighter fabrics and brighter colors are preferred. Since summer is in full swing, it is important to look hot rather feel the hotness of the sun. Here we will discuss 7 latest fashion trends for men during the summer days.

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1. Wear a Hat

Hats are still very much trendy when it comes to men’s accessories. Whether you are hanging out at the beach or going for a jog in the park, you should wear a hat. Not only will the hat look great on you but will save you from the wrath of the sun as well. Get either the Fedora, the Trilby, the Porkpie, the Panama, or the Newsboy and you’ll shine like a true gentleman.

2. Shades are the Way to Go

Sun can affect the eyes and you have to protect them somehow. You can wear a pair of sunglasses that will not only protect your eyes but make you look 75 percent cooler than before. Amazing isn’t it? While choosing shades, make sure that the design is in trend, after all, you will not want to flaunt the style of the bygone era. Look for pairs that block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays.

To pick a style, understand your face shape.

Oval face: The oval type is the most preferred face shape, as the owner can wear any style of glasses. Avoid frames that are either too thick or too thin. Don’t choose frames wider than your face width.

Square face: Any face shape has very straight, pronounced jawline and edges. It’s better to pick round glasses to balance out these features. Choose wider sunglasses and avoid rectangular glasses with sharp corners.

Round face: A person with a rounder face tends to have fatter cheeks. Choose polygonal or square sunglasses that have an angle design to balance this out. Thicker frames will help.

Long face: Choose larger lenses and the polygonal frame in order to balance out a longer face. Popular retro glasses and sports glasses can be considered.

Flat face: Choose darker lenses and frames to highlight the contours of the face. Pick a brighter color frame.

3. Make a Windbreaker Your Pal

Are you living in a desert, where it still gets chilly at night? Choose a nice windbreaker. Jackets are not made for spring and summer seasons. They are only ideal for winter season. In summer season when the weather gets chilly occasionally, a windbreaker can be your move. It will make you enjoy the chilly weather while making you look fashionable.

4. Go Formal with Light Suits

Business and formal meetings see no season and you have to look as formal and professional as possible. In such scenarios when you have to look extra formal, wear suits that are made with lighter fabrics like cotton, summer-weight wool or linen. Such fabrics will make you feel more comfortable without causing any discomfort.

5. Beach Shorts

In the summer days, people especially men love going to the beach. You cannot wear formal dresses at the beach (although there are no such rules). However, you are there to enjoy your time and flaunt your style as well. Beach shorts can make you feel relaxed at the beach and the designs imprinted on them will make your trip more joyful. Don’t be afraid to add some festivity to your swimwear. It is something where you can be as bold as you can.

6. Ripped Jeans

Jeans is one of the most popular men’s clothing items. Those who want to carry a cool look with jeans should look for ripped or destroyed jeans. Ripped jeans although are an old trend, but they are still very much popular. Besides flaunting a cool look, you can make your legs breathe. Pair them with a simple t-shirt and sneakers. The jeans will be the focal point, so everything else should not be too over styled.

How To Keep Your Neck Ties In Great Shape

Getting ready for a social function, you realize your blue-green plaid neck tie would be the perfect complement with your light green dress shirt. You hunt for it in your closet, only to see that it has fallen victim to the carpet floor and has developed some creases! Oh the horror. You realize the unfortunate situation has taught you one important lesson: Keep your ties well-maintained and organized! Although, most of us don’t own a tie rack to keep our neck ties in tip-top condition, we’re here to offer you tips so you won’t be stuck in that horrid situation ever again.

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Untying the tie

As soon as you get off work, the first thing that you would love to do is take off your tie and throw it on a chair so you can relax. However, if you could take an extra minute to accomplish this procedure it will make all the difference. A few things to remember:

  • Never pull the thin part out of the knot when removing the tie
  • Never leave the knot in the tie when not in use because it will create a permanent crease
  • Always remove the tie by following tie-tying steps in reverse

Storing the tie

Once you are done with removing your tie, make sure that you hang it up. It will make the creases fall out and you will notice a reduction in the wrinkles of the tie. You should never leave your tie at the back of the chair or rolled up in a drawer. You can invest in a tie rack like Aidan here to ensure you ties last for a long time!

Packing the tie

When you are away from home on business, sometimes it’s better to take multiple ties along for your business trip. When packing up your tie, you should carefully roll it. Yes, it’s acceptable to roll a tie when traveling because you will be utilizing the tie very soon. Start rolling the tie from the small end and then you can secure the tie in a zip lock bag. In order to keep them safe and sound during the entire journey you can even place them carefully in your shoes.

Cleaning the tie

Even a small stain on the tie will reduce its elegance. However, you should only clean your tie when it is dirty and not after every time you wear it. Just stay attentive of the fabric from which your time has been made and you’ll keep looking spiffy.

During the cleaning process, be sure to be extremely careful. Your tie’s ability to last depends on how carefully you handle it while washing. Your tie should be hand washed or dry cleaned, despite the material from which it has been made. For more advice on cleaning, visit our blog here.

Remove wrinkles from the tie

Ironing the tie can damage its looks. So for the easy wrinkles, you can hang your tie in the bathroom while you are taking a hot shower. On the other hand, when the wrinkles get stubborn you can buy the steamer and make your tie look as good as new.

In order to keep your tie from unwanted food stains, you can use the tie tacks. However, they might leave a hole in your tie. To avoid these holes, apply the tie tacks through the shirt. Use these tips to elongate the life of your tie, and continue to look spiffy!

Necktie Fashion Mistakes You Should Be Completely Avoiding

A necktie collection has always been mandatory for me ever since I graduated out of college from the University of Minnesota. Before the graduation ceremony, I received two neckties, a stripped yellow tie and a navy blue foulard tie with green circles. That was the moment when I finally understood the power of a neck tie. Not only do they add value, grace, and elegance to a person’s looks but also enhances their personality. I felt more confident as I strolled across the stage to receive my diploma. After that of course, I had to pair my suit with power ties and go through many job interviews until I landed here at Spiffster. Now I own more than 50 different types of ties, and I even have a revolving tie rack!

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Although wearing a necktie is mandatory in corporate life, it has also become the norm to wear it as part of an informal look or to flaunt your fashion sense. There is a diverse range of formal and informal neckties you can find easily (especially when you subscribe with Spiffster) that can go with any occasion you are heading out to. In fact, we offer many tips about how to tie informal knots for more casual occasions. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid that might cause a negative effect of what they were hoping to achieve. Let’s have a look at those mistakes you should be completely avoiding when wearing a necktie.

Clashing Colors and Patterns

While selecting a tie you are going to wear for the event, make sure the colors or the patterns of the tie don’t clash with the color of the outfit you are wearing. It shouldn’t be in contrast to the shirt or suit, rather it should complement it. Similarly, if the shirt you are wearing already has some patterns, opt for a plain colored tie as a patterned tie with a patterned shirt will give you a very loud appearance that may not leave a positive impact on others. For example, if you’re wearing a plaid-patterned suit, do not wear a plaid neck tie!

Awkward Width & Length

Is the tip of your neck tie touching your belly button? In that case, it would be too short. An awkward width or length of a neck tie can single-handedly ruin your appearance no matter how much you spent on that Hugo Boss suit. Make sure that the width of the tie is proportionate to your body type and your overall appearance that includes your suit, shirt, and the tie knot as well. When it comes to the length of the tie, it should end towards the buckle of the belt; wearing it shorter or longer is a big fashion blunder that you must avoid at any cost.

Neglecting the Dress Code

There is a wide range of neckties available and wearing an informal tie with a formal suit or vice versa is considered to be a big fashion mistake; hence, you should have an idea about the types of neckties and wear them accordingly.

To sum it up, neckties make for an essential accessory in man’s wardrobe. A tie can reveal certain things about a man’s personality, fashion sense, and abilities. However, one must avoid the mistakes mentioned above for getting the perfect and the most graceful look when wearing a necktie. Because looking like a chumbolone is not the Spiffster way.

The Origins and All We Know About the Trinity Knot

A relatively recent innovation, the Trinity Knot has a flashy, trefoil-shaped knot that is guaranteed to bring you some attention. This beautiful knot is a three-way symmetry and resembles the Celtic Triquetra. The Celtic Triquetra symbol is used as a religious symbol adapted from ancient Celtic images, and is also similar to Odin’s symbol, the valknut.

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But there are also many other meanings of the Trinity Knot, and most of them have to do with love and romance. Here they are:

  • It is a unique symbol of Ireland’s ancient culture.
  • The endless intertwining curves represent eternal love.
  • The Trinity knot can even be used to outline the stages of a woman’s life; youth, motherhood and old age.
  • It is sometimes called the Irish Love knot.

But enough about history, let’s talk about fashion. Imagine yourself at a cocktail party. Showing up with a Trinity Knot will definitely get you the attention you deserve from the ladies. After all, the Trinity Knot is also known as the Irish Love Knot. However, don’t wear this tie knot to business meetings, as the Trinity Knot is used for more social and informal occasions. Bringing this knot to a board meeting will make you appear as a showoff.

Because you use the small end to start tying the knot, it is one of the most difficult ties to master. Also, pick a tie that does not have too much thickness, due to the knot being on the bulkier side of the knot-thickness spectrum.

The best patterns for this knot include solids, stripes, and smaller patterns. Once you master this knot, try creating a pinwheel effect by getting the stripes to converge at the center. However, if there is a noticeable diagonal taper to the sides of the tie down near the narrow end, the threefolds will not converge towards the center and the effect will be ruined.

If you would like to tighten the knot, you can accomplish this by holding the knot in one hand and pulling down slowly on the wider end. Use caution though, and adjust the folds of the knot as you go. You don’t want to distort the shape of the knot.

Check out the image below on how to tie the Trinity Knot below and look spiffy, fellow Spiffsters!

The Winter Coat Buying Guide For Men: Get The Right Coat for You

We all know the chilly feeling of the winter season, hence called the sweater weather. But as the fashion agenda encompassed our society, sleek and stylish coats and jackets are the ultimate winners. Clothing has been revolutionized, but for men, their style statement remains incomplete without coats.

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Looks Matter But Keeping Warm Matters More

One has to look good, that’s undeniable. Looking for a coat, that suits your style, looks perfect on you, is hard. Select a coat according to your local weather conditions. A Canadian may not find a light weight coat usable even if it looks pretty versatile. In the same way, British winters are not so much fierce, and a heavy, furry coat may seem ridiculous even if you love to buy it.

How Long Do You Want To Keep Your Coat

Let’s just admit, what we all seek is durability and affordability when it comes to buying a winter wear. It is crucial to buy a coat that could be your partner for …. Say maybe four years at least.

The places to look at are the stitching, the lining and the cloth. It must be stitched in a fine way and the lining should be water proof. You’re going to wear the coat every day in the coming winters; it needs to be the real savior.

Quality Is Always The Right Choice

Although it may seems impracticable, but spending on a good quality coat is the right choice. Buy a low priced coat and it won’t even last a year, you would certainly regret it. A little high price is worth the pain, if the product is going to go a long way.

Which Color Should You Select

When buying a coat, it should be kept in mind that it needs to go well at all places and with all your clothes. A dark colored coat always gives you a fancy and charming look. Navy blue, dark grey and black coats are the inescapable charmers. No one ever looked outdated in darker shades.

Pea Coats

Different styles come and go but pea coats, traditional and trendy, never get old. French designer Saint Laurent experimented very well with the pea coats, and created impeccable designs. Banana Republic heritage and J. Crew Dock Pea coats are unique and authentic.

Trench Coats

Trench coats have always been popular. They are light and airy, mud and water absorbent, and a large size has enough room for all the knitwear in case the weather is chilly. Trench coats are usually the most favorite as we see many characters on the screen wearing cool and stylish trench coats. London Fog trench coat is pretty famous this winter season.

Long Coats

Long coats actually last long and are never out of fashion. Whovians would never get over with David Tennant’s coat, and how can we forget Keanu Reeves coat in the matrix. Long or over coats can work really well, whether you’re going for a walk at night or you’re going to work in the morning.

These tips will surely help you all in choosing the right kind of coat.

Get to Know Your Different Plaid Patterns

Plaid Necktie

From miniskirts to pants, to giant scarves and ties, the timeless print of plaid has been on fire. Especially during this time of year when everyone is looking to feel warm. But did you know there are many different types of plaid? Here is a guide to inform you about the different plaid patterns. Because a Spiffster member should always be well-versed with the fashion trend. It’s time to get to know your plaid fabric patterns!

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Gingham was brought in the limelight in the mid-18 century with blue and white being the famous choice. It is a checkered pattern shirt that is distinguished by even-sized checks formed by horizontal and vertical stripes. Generally, two shades of color are used on a white background that forms a checkered design. Gingham checks are versatile and can be worn to any occasion, formal or casual.



As the name suggests Madras is a pattern that was created in India’s city, Madras. This a summer fabric style as it contains checks and stripes in soft and vibrant colors. The checks are uneven and give a sense of depth and dimension to the pattern. A madras shirt is the best to pick for summer casual wear.

Tartan Plaid


Tartan plaid was originated in Scotland and has made its way into the fashion industry as the famous pattern associated to plaid. It basically consists of vertical and horizontal stripes crossing each other and forming uneven checks. Tartan plaids are less colorful than madras check. Tartan is a bold plaid pattern so it is best left to smaller accessories such as bags, bow ties or scarves.

Shepherds Check


Shepherd’s check has derived its name from the plaid design worn by shepherds. This pattern consists of alternating colored stripes crossing each other to form a checkered pattern, set against a twill weave backdrop. This pattern is perfect for a formal event.



Houndstooth is a pattern consists of a tight weave of broken, pointed lines and uneven checks. Houndstooth pattern is traditionally black and white but recently it is available in various colors. The traditional black and white houndstooth is best suited for workplace whereas other colors are best suited for informal occasions.



The windowpane is a light, creative and open pattern that has relatively thin stripes crossing each other to form a large checkered pattern, similar to the patterns of the pane on a window. They are appropriate for the workplace because of the single color stripes that give the shirts a more formal look.

Graph Check


Graph check is a pattern of lines crossing each other to form small checks just like the graph paper pattern. The pattern usually contains solid, thin, single colored stripes that cross each other. They are perfect pick for the workplace attire.



Tattersall check is a pattern that has regularly spaced vertical and horizontal stripes. The unique feature of this pattern is the recurring alternating colors of the stripes that can be in two or three different colors. Tattersall checkered shirts are perfect for a casual evening out.

Pin Check


Pin check is created with pin sized stripes that cross to form small checks that seem as dots from a distance. This pattern generally consists of one color set against white. They are perfect for a formal work setting.

Why Men Should Wear Neckties

Men and neckties

When it comes to fashion, females have always been naturally more inclined towards it. The variety and ranges of female accessories are more versatile than the male’s counterpart. Female’s beauty products are far more in range than male beauty products. All in all, females have far more choices and varieties to choose from than males.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that males do not get to choose from any product range or that they are not targeted by any fashion or beauty industry. As we discussed before, we humans evolve and change ourselves based on our experiences and behaviors. The main thing that has changed over time is that men are making their own fashion products—whether it’s clothes, neckties, shoes or belts, they are making progress.

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Neckties were originally worn to keep the collars of your shirt tied together, however, over the period of the time the use and style of neckties also changed and is now in front of us in its newest form. Nowadays, neckties instead for their need are mostly used for their fashion requirements.

Men should wear neckties more often

As discussed before, the use of neckties has become a symbol of fashion and grace. Below we will highlight 5 reasons men should wear neckties. Although we believe that people do not need anything to make them look and feel better about themselves, however, the way you use these accessories also defines your personality. Therefore, always remember that you are the one making these accessories look beautiful not the other way around.

1. Grace
Neckties, if worn in the right manner, can make you look graceful and handsome. At the end it all depends on the person wearing them.

2. Class
As discussed, neckties have their own symbol now when it comes to fashion. You mostly wear neckties for formal dinners and gatherings. That is why one should always know how to wear a necktie that will enhance his personality and grace and not diminish it.

3. Different styles
There are all different styles and types of neckties that men can choose from. Again, this choice will also represent their personality and identity, so choose that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

4. Informal gatherings
Now neckties have made their own importance in the lives of men: whether it is a formal dinner or a get together, a presentation or a meeting. Men should own all different kinds of neckties for all different reasons to complement their personality.

5. Completes the attire
Neckties, if worn effectively, make your attire look complete and your personality graceful.

How to Choose the Best and Most Suitable Belt for Men

Men Belts

When women choose something for themselves, let it be clothes or accessories or makeup, they make the purchase after thorough examination and evaluation. They try to choose the best suitable option for themselves because that particular merchandise will become a part of them. Therefore following the common rule of equality among genders, men should also do the same when it comes to the selection for their belts.

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In today’s article of ours, we will discuss some of the points that men should keep in their minds when they are out their buying a belt for themselves or, less likely, for someone else or even selecting belts that complement their attire.

Choosing the best belt for you: what to look for?

Now, there are certain factors that you should always keep in mind when you are deciding on the purchase of belts for men.

The Length and Size of the Belt:
The length of the belt plays a very vital role when it comes to its selection. Dress belts, once they are fastened, should always have a few inches of leather on the left side of the buckle. The reason for this is that it will make it easier to tuck under your first loop of belt: this is also called a good rule of thumb.
Dress belts that are sold in the stores are usually measured by a range of different pant sizes. If you want to have a good fit, you should always opt for a belt that is two or three sizes larger than your pant. For instance, let us assume that your pant size or your trouser’s waist size is 34 inches, then a belt with the size of 36 inches or 38 inches will be most suitable for you.

The type of your Belt’s Buckle:
Belt’s buckle also is significant for making the decision for best and most suitable belt’s selection. There is a common knowledge that suggests that the bigger the belt’s buckle is the less formal it is considered. When it comes to dress belts, they usually have very small and flat buckles. In the case of casual dressing, belts with larger buckles and rounded shapes are more common.

All the dress belts or mostly all of them will have either a gold colored finish or a silver colored finish. If you opt for any male jewelry, for instance cuff links or tie tacks, then your belt should belong to the very same color of that jewelry. In the case of a more casual type of belts, there are no restrictions for the selection; the belt buckle can be any kind.

Choose the most suitable colors for the belt:
In any situation, leather should and must always match leather: brown leather shoes for brown leather belt and black leather shoes for black leather belts. So, in the case of your belt’s color selection you should keep this rule in mind.

How to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles on a Tie

Get rid of wrinkles on your tie!

Neckties are a very important part of every man’s wardrobe. A great looking tie will go a long way in order to make an impressionable statement. Ties have been there for the longest of time and even after centuries since they were first used, their popularity has nothing but increased.

Wearing the right tie has its benefits and it can do great wonders in making a man’s attire go from a very simple look to a very sophisticated one. One knot can do that, yes you heard it right.

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However, when it comes to ties, it is important that one tries its best to prevent and remove all sorts of wrinkles on it. No tie looks good with wrinkles and crumbles so it is always better to make sure that you avoid this at all costs.

Taking Care Of Your Necktie

Just as in the case of everything else that is there in your wardrobe, the life of the necktie depends on how well you are taking care of it. With neckties, your first and foremost enemy is wrinkles. However, you can always take the right precautionary measures in order to make sure that you remove them from your tie.

An easy lesson for removing wrinkles on your necktie is the following:

Firstly, it is better that you prevent your tie from getting wrinkles. Prevention is the best cure and with neckties, there is a lot you can do in order to prevent creases and wrinkles.

Some tips for doing so have been mentioned below:

  • Don’t use the same necktie twice in a row: For starters, make sure that you are not wearing the same necktie two days in a row. It is always better to give your neckties a good rest every now and then. Therefore, make sure you get more than one tie so that you can give each a rest between different periods.
  • Take care of the necktie after using it: You should also try to keep your necktie intact right after you use it. There are some people who just pull down the necktie knot from the collar and forget to take it off. It is advisable to not do this if you want to make sure that your necktie lasts a long time
  • Putting the necktie away: Neckties have to be put away right if you want to ensure they last long and withstand the test of time and fate. There are two ways through which you can properly store your neck tie. The first is to hang it on a coat hanger or choose it to place it over the rot in the closet. You can even go for a rack that is designed to hold the neck ties. Putting your necktie away rightly will ensure that it remains its true self and does not get any extra creases.

Even if you get wrinkles on your necktie, don’t worry because you can get rid of them.
For minor wrinkles, it is better for you to leave the necktie on the rack overnight as the wrinkles will fall off on their own.

On the other hand, if you get serious wrinkles, go for steaming as it will help in removing these wrinkles. If you happen to have a garment steamer, hang the neck tie on a hanger to remove the wrinkles. You can even use a traditional flat iron to take care of the necktie. However, make sure that the flat iron doesn’t touch the necktie as it will burn it.

Neckties are fashionable but it is also important that you take care of them well. Some important tips for taking care of your necktie have been discussed above.