5 Unusual Tie Knots to Learn and Master

So if you’re a member of Spiffster, you probably already know some basic tie knots. Whether you regularly sport the Windsor knot or Four-in-Hand knot, it’s good to learn a few interesting knots for more casual occasions. You’ll turn some heads for sure. So without further ado, here are some interesting ways to tie a neck tie knot:

1. The Onassis Tie Knot

This is one of the oldest ways to tie a Knot, the Onassis knot was introduced in 1989 by the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. You might also strike up an interesting conversion. There are two ways to tie this knot; one is the full Windsor base which is said to be the best way, as it keeps the knot firm and it comes loose on its own. Furthermore, it is easier and keeps the Onassis Horizontal and another way is the four in hand base. They both look the same, but the Windsor base is more symmetrical.

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2. The Cape-Knot Tie Knot

Feeling like a superhero? The cape-knot tie knot might be one of the most attractive ways to tie a Necktie Knot and might make you feel faster than a speeding bullet. It can arguably be worn on any occasion, such as as a wedding or work. It is best suited with a stripe pattern or mono-colored ties. It makes the pattern look unique. It works well with thicker ties, as compared to any standard tie length.

3. The Linwood Taurus Tie Knot

One of the most difficult knots to tie, the Linwood Taurus knot looks like the horns of a bull and sometimes looks like the hands of the trophy. It is mostly worn at parties and informal events. It’s a wise decision to combine it with a vest. And because the knot is so wide, try to use this knot with shirts that have wide collars. Looks amazing with a plain color design.

4. The True Love Tie Knot

Want to show off your romantic side? The True Love knot is another tough way to tie a knot. It needs a lot of practice to get it right. It is divided into four portions, which gives it a heart shape. All the extra cloth tucks into the collar. This knot accents the style statement of a person and hence, is very popular an unusual knot. Save it for a Valentine’s day date.

5. Ediety Tie Knot

Also known as the Merovingian Knot as it was worn by Merovingian in The Matrix. A very unique looking tie knot; it looks best when worn with a two tone tie. It can either be of two different designs or two different colors. The Ediety knot looks decent and fancy with a sweater or a vest. This knot came in to prominence during the early 1920s. Many famous personalities in the past have worn it and made it famous.

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