5 Reasons Why a Paisley Tie is a Must Have in your Tie Collection

Paisley Necktie

Paisley Neckties are classy and fashionable

Wearing solid or stripped ties everyday can be like a never ending biological rhythm. Since 2016 is here, maybe it’s time you made some changes in your wardrobe. A slight change can be seen in men’s fashion trends from runways to ready-to-wear stores. Patterns, layering, contrast and floral prints are back this spring season. So while the whole majority of early adopters run wild, let me tell you more about a paisley tie.

History behind the Paisley Trend

Although the paisley pattern dates back to early Persian, the term was coined in Early Britain. The real deal of paisley ties began when the Beatles let this hip trend roll. From coordinated and matching suits to hip, rebellious teens, all preferred paisley as their go to style. The bold patterns and the flashy prints brought out the golden era for Paisley ties.

Why It’s a Must Have:

Brings Out The Muted Colors – If you like being sophisticated and prefer a classic style wardrobe then in order to give you a pop of color, paisley can be the best option. Now create a flamboyant, yet an office wear worthy attire through a decent toned paisley tie.

Two Colors Are All You Need – Tired of your whole looking like its ready to taste a rainbow? Opt for just a tie that has a perfect touch of color. With foulard ties being the biggest hit of this season, you will be in style and the best dressed in your workplace.

Adds An Edge To Your Style – So you are a subscriber of GQ, own a complete set of style magazines dating back to the 70s but you don’t have a paisley? That’s impossible. In order to diversify your wardrobe and make it better adaptable to a variety of seasons then paisley tie is your best friend.

Perfect Neck Tie For Business Purposes – So your job requires you to travel a lot and the least thing you want is to look bored and jet lagged. The best tie to opt for these kind of situations is a paisley tie. Pick the right colors and build on them that way you will not only have a fancy collection of go to style attire but you will not get bored of wearing them.

Mix and Match – The best thing about owning a paisley is that it can go with anything you own. That plain, gray suit of yours can go well with a bold paisley which will give it a cool tone. If you have a navy or black suit, a patterned and colorful paisley tie will work best with it.

Most men don’t opt for a paisley because it is very overwhelming. What they don’t understand is that they don’t quite know how to pair them right. Wearing a paisley does not make you enter a Vegas nightclub territory, it makes you stand out with your own significance. A tie is that part of your clothing that is more exposed than your shirt, so having an appropriated, well matched tie is a must for any wardrobe.

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