5 Great Ways for Men to Tie Their Scarves

Winter is here. And if you’re currently living in the United States, you’re probably feeling the arctic blast of low temperatures. You’re not worried though, as you have your trusty coat, fuzzy hat, thick gloves and a wool scarf to help keep you from freezing over. Because let’s face it, cold weather isn’t going to stop you from having a good time. Be sure to wear your scarf correctly though, because when it is worn right, it becomes more than just another piece of apparel that keeps you warm. A scarf will add a touch of finesse to your style. In this article, I will introduce some ways to tie a scarf which will make you look suave and truly a Spiffster.

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The Smooth Urban Style

If you want to look stylish, but don’t like to waste much time; this one’s for you. Overlap the scarf into equal parts, the long way, and wrap it around your neck; at that point, pull the loose ends through the ring that was made by the overlay.

The Casual Style

This style looks great on casual clothing. If you are out for a casual event or going to a nightclub; this will be a great to wear it. Wear the scarf around your neck, with the left side of the scarf coming down to your chest, while the other side runs down to your waist. Now take that long side of the scarf and pull it around your neck from the left side, so that both sides fall equal on your chest.

The Gentleman’s Cross

If you’re wearing a coat or a jacket, this might be the perfect way to wear it. Wear the scarf around your neck and tuck it inside the coat or a jacket. You can also wear it around the neck without tucking it in and it still would look great. Make sure both sides are level.

The Fashion Aficionado

If you are wearing a casual jacket, this style is a great option. Wear the scarf around your neck, and make it level on both sides. Pull the right side across and behind the left side to make a knot. When you pull the scarf down from the right side, the knot will tighten and the scarf will come in to a smooth shape. You can also tuck in the fall of the scarf inside the jacket.

Mr. International

If you are looking for a look which will make you appear fashionable anywhere in the world, this one’s for you. Again, wear the scarf around your neck, so that it is level on both sides. Now take the right side and pull it over the left shoulder.

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